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Act that person to you but please don’t fool people or just play around for the sake of spending some good timeAbout the BookPatrick is a young man who is not attractive shorter than his crush and who is also broke Patrick Fell in love with Jane the most beautiful and popular woman in town He thought he never had a chance until he accidentally came across some hidden sec.

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Janes Code

Rets that very few people know that helped him make her fall for himThe novel will reveal to you shocking facts about love and show you how you can manipulate it whether you are a Man or a woman It’s the kind of novel that is loaded with proven scientific facts that will help you on your uest to win the heart of any person you like with disregard to your looks or resourc.

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WarningAs much as i want to sell my book i still don’t want it to be the reason someone’s heart gets broken If you are not 100% sure of your intentions then please don’t use the information in that book to attract a poor soul to you just to get a one night stand or to have funIf you are sure you love a person then you may use everything mentioned in that book to attr.

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    i rated this book 5 stars because i love the way it's written i kept imagining it as movie it's a very light hearted book funny simple light and smart the best thing about it is that the story is real which gives you hope if you think you are average or you can't get the one to like you it will teach you that it'

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    Farouk is superhero😘😘😘

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