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When Jodi touches her sleeping friend's arm she is plummeted into his dream into Aten a strangely beautiful but terrifyig world peopled by warring clans who fight with bows arrows and all too real daggers Aten a

Summary Key to Aten

Key to Aten

Ty of home in her own world and for love in the strange world of Aten Jodi is unaware that she has the only key to Aten the key that can take her home or save Aten from destruction A suspenseful romantic fantasy

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Lso holds enormous human hunting spiders hideous cannibals violent slave traders a mysterious group of women who live apart in their own fortress and an handsome young clan leader Torn by her desire for the safe

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    its been awhile since ive read thisand i remember there being a lot of problems with it i think the romance between her and the guy from aten happened really fastwhich i hatei also didnt like the blend of modern and old like this one place in Aten was like centuries after the modern worldor something like that i didnt re

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    I absolutely loved this book when I first read it and I still love it today It was very enjoyable and I personally found it hard to put down

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