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SPECIAL OFFER LIMITED TIME OFFER 40% OFF Regular Price 499 Do You Want To Speak Turkish As uickly As Possible This book will essentially help you understand the basics of the Turkish language It focuses on enumerating key phrases that will be instrumental in daily conversations and in communicating one’s needs For further support and faster learning the situations they are best suited for are outlined to prevent harboring miscommunications between you and a Turkish speaker Another essential aspect of this book is how it aids readers in accurately pronouncing each Turkish word written in every chapter This is to shorten the learning curve of anyone opting to learn this language Though it is particularly easy to learn and master

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Turkish AUTHOR Luisa Wilkins

English speakers may find their pronunciations a bit difficult to get used to because of the difference in rules Other books may not find this a necessity but one of the keys in unlocking proficiency in communication is by being able to clearly enunciate words preciselyOf course another fundamental part of any system of communication are numbers In almost every exchange the need to uantify something will arise thus a chapter of this book has been dedicated to counting In other languages the rules that apply on how to count from the tenths onward can get so complicated that memorizing how to speak them is a lot easier There will be no need for than in learning Turkish with this book The rules will be explained in the simplest po

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Ssible way and it will be supplemented with easy to understand examples Aiming to comprehend a language fast means being open to scrutinizing every word and how and where to place them so for the last part of this book constructing basic sentences in Turkish will be tackled This will allow the readers to fully grasp the language and help him learn how to independently form a line on his own This Book Covers Key Topics Including The Not So English Turkish Pronunciations Merhaba Hoşca Kalın Useful Greetings and their Proper Responses Evet Hayır And Other Daily Useful Phrases Bir Iki Üç Let’s Count in Turkish ‘I beautiful am’ Sentence Construction in Turkish Much much HURRY Download Your Copy Today For Limited time Offer

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    Too shortThe way the book is explained is very nice and easy to understand However it could have been a little longer

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    A ripoffThis book is like a handout There is almost no content just a few phrases and numbers No grammar Not worth your time You will not learn much from this book

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    Easy to useEasy to use to learn basic Turkish words and phrases A little short I would recommend this as a beginning book when you are just starting to learn the language