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Hawaiian Trackdown Penetrator Book 38

Authors Lionel Derrick ISBN USA edition Publisher Pinnacle Books Availability UK The Mighty Blowhole Action Series Books an The Penetrator Lionel Derrick Pinnacle ended One of the better series dealing with a highly trained warrior who uses his skills to fight all kinds of threats to civilization The Target is H Blood on the Strip Capitol Hell Hijacking Manhattan Mardi Gras Massacre Tokyo Purple Baja Bandidos The Northwest Contact Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot January At pages it's lean and tough and offers plenty of action that wouldn't be out of place in a Penetrator pulp UP FROM THE DEPTHS takes place at a Hawaiian resort where the tourists are being chomped to death by a prehistoric fish released by an underwater earthuake The heroes are Greg a heavily sideburned Sam Bottoms and Earl Virgil Frye a pair of con artists swindling tourists.

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    Women love The Penetrator I tried to resist but he penetrated through my defenses like a poly cotton blend sweater on a rainy day clinging ti

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    Another men's adventure series from the 70's Pretty much standard action violence and sex However a good standout is that the hero is healed and trained by an old Cheyenne Indian in the ancient mystic warrior ways of the Cheyenne Recommended