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Her to bed again Thus she begins a secret passionate affair with the Navy SEALThen when tragedy strikes Anna Marie takes stock of her life and decides that she must end the affair and accept a life that is without the passion and joy that she experienced with Dallas but one that offers stability for her futu

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Anna Marie Sorenson's Secret Affair

Anna Marie Sorenson is a Plain Jane who is used to being overshadowed by her beautiful dazzling highly successful and overbearing sister She lives a uiet unassuming life as a librarian that offers little excitment Then she meets her sister's husband's brother Dallas Trenton who is a Navy SEAL She is almost h

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Orrified to find herself violently attracted to him She is even shocked when he takes her to bed that first night they meet and that she lets himAnna Marie thinks the sex that she had with Dallas was just a one night stand So she is surprised when he comes back into town a few months later and wants to take

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    Genre erotic CRLibrarian has secret affair with a Navy SEAL over the course of two yrsThis author hasnt published anything in 3 yrs so I have been slowly spacing out my reads She kind of reminds me of Jordan Silver but without the ghetto swagger Which is a good thing IMO Like J Silver she needs a copy editor but I am used to lowe

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    Hot and sizzling and could not put this read down Sexy and smart Anna Marie had some self image issues I love how