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Esa Burke the two journalists who were on the phone with Conn just moments before his death offer a compelling account of Conn's tragic life and the ways in which our system failed h. Excellent book Bought it at the Kingston Penitentiary gift store after taking a tour I know so little about the prison system CPS and this was a very eye opening read and sad

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Who Killed Ty Conn

In May of 1999 convicted bank robber Ty Conn escaped from Kingston penitentiary one of the most heavily secured correctional facilities in Canada When the police caught up with Conn. This is one of the saddest books I ve ever read

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A few weeks later in a Toronto apartment rather than facing the balance of his 47 year prison sentence he decided to take his own life In Who Killed Ty Conn Linden MacIntyre and Ther. I found it difficult to sympathize with Ty at first By the end I was in tears and saddened by how the system failed someone willing to change his lifeWho Killed Ty Conn was well written and although sympathetic to Ty s story it did speak to his failures

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    This is one of the saddest books I’ve ever read

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    After going on the Kingston Penitentiary Tour for the 2nd time ever I purchased this bookTy Conn’s story is pretty incredible and honestly any story around Kingston Pen and the Canadian criminal system will in

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    What a tragic existenceI can't help but feel bad for Ty Conn and the life he was given He didn't stand a chance f

  4. says:

    Interesting read about Ty Conn I visited the KP la St year and heard the story of Ty Coincidently I discovered Linden McIntyre as an author the same time The story is compelling almost hard to believe it’s real It is a b

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    I found it difficult to sympathize with Ty at first By the end I was in tears and saddened by how the system failed someo

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    This poor lad never had a chance from day one It certainly shows that all children need to grow up in an environment of love and praise What a waste of a brilliant mind

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    Excellent book Bought

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    So sad Society and “the system” failed at so many points in Ty Conn’s life

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    It's a compelling story with lots of high uality research into both the family services and the corrections system The amount of deta

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    Well researched thoughtful and provocative Invites empathy for a career criminal without being maudlin

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