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S sexy owner Major Drew ConnellA founding member of the Alpha Force on a nearby military base Drew has developed an elixir that helps werewolves control their shape shifting abilities Drew has always tried to keep his dis. Setting town of Mary Glen Maryland s Eastern Shore Veterinarian s office house next door town diner town meeting hall Ft Lukman major s room laboratory surrounding forest for wolves to run around inTheme trust falling in love protection exploitation CharactersDr Melanie Harding from LA bought vet business from Worley his parents killed with silver bullets she is a wonderful vet full of compassion vet she worked for in LA also her fianc cheated on her and she has sworn off men Major Drew Connell leads Alpha Force genetically a were as are all weres no biting and making weres family of doctors studied the phenomena developed a formula to allow shifts when not a full moon he works for the armed forces to further develop formula to give greater human cognizance when in were form and easierlonger shifts between times idea to develop a shifting team that can go in when regular operatives can t to protect our country working with big cat and hawk and wolf shifters each keepadopt an animal of their animal likeness to show to public to cover when it s them and each has a full human who supports their efforts Grunge Drew s dog kinda looks like his were self in beginning shot in shoulder and wolf Drew dragged him a mile to the vet s office next day Drew meets the vet to claim his dog Chief Ellenbogen Mary Glen s police chief doing his best to police crazies in town and visiting who believe in weres Lt Patrick Worley Alpha team wolf father the town vet parents killed by silver bullet obviously were scare related sells vet business to Melanie General Greg Yarrow commanding officer of Ft Lukman Capt Jonas Trurohuman in charge of monitoringaiding were Drew Nolan Smith Angie town were expert with blog being manipulated by Ripkey Angie is Melanie s office person inherited with business Angie wants to believe in weresMike Ripkey ex marine his uncle a Mary Glen were fanatic who killed the vet s wife then killed self in accident leaving lots of documentation for his nephew Mike Mike comes kills the vet figures out weres are at the Fort starts a national Were Scare campaign goes to some of the countries he was in as Marine and sells the idea that he can bring them a live were and a formula that allows shifting any time he dresses as a were has a tooth jaw contraption and is causing uproar manipulating Nolan into fervor SummaryRelationship between Melanie and Drew attraction distrust walls up but he is shot as were he goes to her for help changes to human at dawn in front of her she is threatened she demands the whole truth he decides to try to incorporate her on the team as the vet for their dogs and their were forms and he feels need to protect her and they make love and move back and forth in mistrustfear and trustlove Ripkey makes his move Melanie follows him becomes his hostage Drew comes to the rescue and between them they defeat Ripkey after finding out about his motivation and about planAnd when there isn t so much of a need to protect her and both are afraid the other is going to say goodby they both grab for the other kiss confess their love ahhhh

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Tance from the civilian population but Melanie's sweet and gentle nature soon wears down his defenses With the attacks on people and animals in the area mounting can their fiery attraction withstand their toughest challen. This is my first werewolf novel and I hope it won t be my last The heroine Dr Melanie Harding was pretty good but part of me was wondering if she really was as smart as you would expect a vet to be I mean honestly who doesn t call the police when they hear a gunshot in the middle of the night I know I would especially if I was new to an area and lived near the woods in a town with the history of the town she just moved toI also find it hard to believe that the US military would have security as lax as they had on Ft Lukman I ve been around enough military bases to know that they are super secured especially in the past 10 yearsOverall a great read I enjoyed it

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When Dr Melanie Harding comes to rural Maryland to open a veterinarian clinic she has no intention of buying into the area's absurd werewolf legends Until she rescues an ordinary dog shot with a silver bullet and meets hi. gag me with a silver bullet

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    The story is framed around Major Drew Connell and veterinarian Dr Melanie Harding Melanie has recently moved in

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    If this was a movie it wouldn't be a summer blockbuster of a movie of the week

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    gag me with a silver bullet

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    I liked the Characters and the intrigue even though I was not in the mood for it when I started the story I'm looking forward to by this author

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    uick paced kept on target no spots of thinking something is missing

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    Setting town of Mary Glen Maryland’s Eastern Shore – Veterinarian’s office house next door town diner town meeting

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    This is the first of three books that I know of I don't know if there will be or notMelanie Harding DVM has just bought her practice in Maryla

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    This is my first werewolf novel and I hope it won't be my last The heroine Dr Melanie Harding was pretty good but part of me was wondering if she really was as smart as you would expect a vet to be I mean honestly who doesn't call the police when they hear a gunshot in the middle of the night? I know I would esp

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    Alpha Wolf wasjust okay It's a short book only 200 pages and it only took me a couple of hours to read but I just didn't love it Neither of the main characters Melanie and Drew were great and the werewolfshapeshifter part

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    A good story about an Army Colonel who is a werewolf and a female Veterinarian who meet when his dog is shot The Vet lives on the fringes of a town whose residents believe that some of the people are werewolves The Colonel who is an MD is instantly attracted to the lovely VetAdded into this is a group of out of towners who are hunting for werewolves and shooting anything they see with silver bulletsHow the Colonel and the Vet f