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Summary Jingle Bell Baby

Jingle Bell Baby

The one thing missing from Dax Coleman's Christmas list a housekeeper bride On a dusty Texas roadside Jenna Garwood has just gone into labour and hard heade A Christmas love I just adored this story It was a wonderful read to indulge in during the holidays The story focuses on Dax and Jenna Both think love is off the table for them but once they cross paths it s a love that cannot be denied Dax was the gruff intense cowboy with the sweetest heart Watching him interact with his son and Jenna s newborn just melted my heart to pieces And seeing Jenna give Dax s little boy the love and attention he craves from a woman was the sweetest thing ever He just wanted a mom and it was so endearing to see Jenna give him that There is no explicit sexual content if you ve never read this type of read But you can definitely feel the desire and intensity Dax and Jenna feel for each other The story flowed perfectly and smoothly It wasn t rushed Perfect for a Christmas read Enjoy

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A so he offers her a housekeeping job But he's not prepared for the sparks that fly between them or for Jenna's secret that could shatter their hard won tru 200917 chapters283 pagesBook Summary Jenna Garwood is running away from home Born to an excessively wealthy Pennsylvania family she s had enough of being a multimillion dollar confined to a gilded cage Now pregnant and a twenty two years old widow Jenna breaks free of the suffocating life her mother has planned for her and her daughter But at nine months driving from Pennsylvania to Texas probably wasn t the wisest thing to do or was it After all she meets Dax Coleman on the side of the road as he comes to her rescue by helping her deliver her daughterBut Dax s life has been full of hurt and betrayal so he has a hard time trusting women Except for some strange reason he can t seem to be able to get Jenna out of his mind which is wholly impossible when she moves in with him as his housekeeper and his five year old son Gavin falls in love with her and she himAs Christmas nears love blossoms But will Jenna be found by her overbearing mother and wished away from all the love and life she s found from the Coleman menMy Review This is a good story One of those simple light feel good stories that keep you smiling all the way through to the endingAs heroines go I liked Jenna Having been reared by nannies and shadowed her whole life by bodyguards and never allowed to mingle with the serving class employees at her parents Pennsylvania estate she experiences normal life as if she s just been born or arrived from another planet Everything s new to her new and wonderful and fun Life s an adventure Her husband Derek has died but as he was really only after her for her trust fund and she found out he was having an affair even love is new and exciting for her falling in love with Dax is a sweet first She s also a terrific mother not just to her won newborn Sophie Joy but to Dax s son Gavin She gives the boy the motherly love and affection and attention he longs for which is such a sweet subplot Very heart warming her interactions with the boyDax is a good hero too Manly yet sensitive with his woman and kids he s the uintessential cowboy He s also gruff and rough around the edges because his ex wife Reba cheated on him and left him and their son for her lover never looking back As a man who loves fully and devotedly he takes her betrayal hard and is scared to give in to the feelings begin thawed by Jenna s present her love of life and her daughter and his son and youthful joy and energyThis isn t one of Linda Goodnight s overtly Christian novels so if you re looking for a good romance but aren t a Christian and don t like hearing about God Jesus or anything religious you ll enjoy this one except of course mention of Christmas If you re a Christian you ll still enjoy this story because it s good There s no swearing no sex but I ll concede there s oh what do they call it in the movies sensuality in some of the later in the book scenesAgain this is a good read with a happy ending that leaves a smile on your face and a happiness in your heartspiritGrade A

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D cowboy Dax comes to her rescue and delivers her baby daughter Single dad Dax knows what it's like to raise a newborn alone and won't turn his back on Jenn For when you want to read a Hallmark Christmas Movie

  • Hardcover
  • 283
  • Jingle Bell Baby
  • Linda Goodnight
  • English
  • 04 May 2019
  • 9780263211955

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    A classic satisfying romance I was left without a single complaint just the comfort of having read a sweet well wr

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    A Christmas love ❤️ I just adored this story It was a wonderful read to indulge in during the holidays The story focuses on Dax and Jenna Both think love is off the table for them but once they cross paths it

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    I love this book I think a single father who needs help is one of my favorite subject This was a lovely story of a poor little rich girl who wanted to have her baby and take care of her by herself without her wealthy family Before

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    This was mostly a good read I just felt that it was missing something ngl i most likely prefer a baby in the bunkhouse by cathy gillen tucker which carries a similar storyline definitely read this past the 18th of nov to somewhere in early december maybe oops lol

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    A typical Harleuin romance with a happy ending Enjoyed it Writing was good

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    For when you want to read a Hallmark Christmas Movie

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    Jingle Bell Baby by Linda GoodnightISBN 978 0 263 21195 5 hc LP©200917 chapters283 pagesNote I read Jingle Bell Baby which I assume is the same as this book Cowboy Daddy Jingle Bell Baby I can't see that this is a two for book with two novels under one cover If this is the case two for one then I've only read Jingle Bell Baby and that what's the review below is forBook Summary—Jenna Garwood is running away from home

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    ©200917 chapters283 pagesBook Summary—Jenna Garwood is running away from home Born to an excessively wealthy Pennsylvani

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    i enjoyed this book's story line and spirit i really loved the ending simple and sweet and very touching the best way to go with pu

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    A total gift of joy well written Christmas Romance I loved it I love Children and Family at Christmas and No One in my opinion puts them together as well as Linda Goodnight

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