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    Available at DriveThruFictioncom The Hungry DeadSelected Edited by Lester Smith146 pages Popcorn Press In a tribu

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Ave been told around campfires from time immemorial lending an added chill to the darkness beyond They have been the subject of countless songs and poems What is it that the living find so fascinating about the livi

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The Hungry Dead

Hungry are the dead unable to be sated Still their nation grows Winifred Lewis Every culture has its tales of ghosts and ghoulies dead things that stalk the night to prey upon the living Stories of these creatures h

Read Á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Lester Smith

Ng dead That is a uestion we'll leave you to answer We're just happy to add to the mythology in this collection of poetry and short stories featuring zombies vampires ghosts and other dead things that want to eat yo