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Demon Love

Kendra Morton has trained and worked side by side with Thor Kensington for years hunting the demons who come to earth from the parallel world of Torlin Despite his dark allure she knows him to be.

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A cold and unbending leader So why does her heart still race with desire every time he's nearHalf demon Thor has always wanted to be Kendra's lover even though she's off limits If takes an attempt.

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On her life by a traitorous saboteur to make him act on their hidden passion But now that he has the woman of his dreams can he protect her from the unknown assassinÂ…and from his own inner demon.

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  • Demon Love
  • Georgia Tribell
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  • 08 July 2019
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    a portal opened between earth and Torlin populated by demons and the bad ones keep trying to create havoc on earth so guardians from Torlin have set up on earthKendra Morton human is a trained demon fighter stationed in Houston she is assign

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    Very uick read It was good though

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