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Their fling will jeopardize the case of her career and breaks off their relationshipStunned by Laila’s decision Evan vows to make the beautiful lawyer deal with him both in and out of the courtroom But when suspicious activity begins to emerge and Laila’s safety is threatened Evan When widowed family lawyer Laila Richards met hotshot Evan Barclay it was only supposed to stay casual After mourning the loss of her husband who was her childhood sweetheart for several years a casual liason with Evan was Laila s first step back into the game When they end up on opposing sides in a very high profile divorce case the conflict of interest gives Laila an excuse to end the affair It wouldn t be appropriate to be sleeping with the opposing counsel and Laila knows if her client were ever to find out she d lose the job And Laila very much needs a high profile case It s incredibly important to herBut staying away from each other isn t as easy as it sounds especially when it appears that Laila is in danger Evan wants nothing than to keep her safe especially as he fears that his client may be the reason she s in danger in the first place But the he learns about something else Laila has been working on the he decides that they might need a bit of assistance from the husband of his boss Whether Laila likes it or not he s sticking around because what they have is definitely than just a casual affairBoth Evan and Laila have baggage and are fighting against client confidentiality and a conflict of interests But none of that matters because they need to find out who is behind trying to hurt Laila With each new event it escalates in severity and Evan has to protect her and prove to her that he s in this for the long run No sneaking aroundI was excited when I saw this book pop up on NetGalley because I didn t know about it I ve read both of Lee Christine s previous In Safe books and absolutely loved them So I downloaded it immediately and even though I have other books that I probably should be reading I had to bump this one straight to the top of the pile I actually read it on my new iPad first book that I ve read on it and I have to say that my poor Kindle may be gathering dust from now onAs with the other two books this one is super polished smart and fast paced with likable characters and a great mystery There s real depth to both the story and the characters I liked Laila immediately She s had a bit of a rough time of it difficult upbringing married her childhood sweetheart and became an Army wife moving around to wherever her husband was posted She lost her husband a few years ago in an Army exercise gone wrong and now she seeks to clear his name In order to do that she needs money and a high profile divorce case will certainly help her reputation and draw other wealthy clientsThe complication is that her current friend with benefits is opposing counsel and Laila is far too professional and far too invested to have anything potentially cropping up that could destroy her case and damage her attempts to seek better clients She tries to walk away telling Evan that they can no longer see each other late at night personally and must keep their interactions restricted to the courtroom or liaising on behalf of their clients Evan seems to think they can continue their personal relationship as well as their professional one without a problem he s very reluctant to let go of what he has with Laila even though it hasn t really progressed beyond late night booty calls as such When it becomes obvious that Laila is in danger Evan is even determined to keep her close by It s concern and a desire to protect her and keep her safe and it s also a bit of suspicion He s not 100% sure that he hasn t inadvertently placed her in the path of the danger so he wants to make sure that it s not connected to him and his client who is someone that he cares about that has done a lot for himI loved both Evan and Laila both separate and together Laila is strong she s had to develop that strength and she s needed it to get her through some pretty difficult times I think romance novels containing widows or widowers can be difficult because it can be a challenge to blend that amount of love and respect for the deceased partner with the thrill of falling in love again with someone just as special albeit in a different way Lee Christine manages this perfectly I never felt like either relationship was dominant and both were part of what had shaped Laila in the past and what was helping shape her now Evan is an interesting character too I found his background playing pro rugby union a fun addition it s definitely something new and not what I expected for a lawyer working for a big firm in Sydney It fleshed out the man behind the corporate image nice and made him uniuely euipped to deal with the threat to Laila s safety As someone who had been in the public eye he knew how to protect his privacyHappily for me I didn t guess who was behind the threat to Laila it was something that was definitely unexpected but made sense The whole story kept me guessing and the pacing was excellent the way suspense built and continued to build I hope Lee Christine continues with this loosely linked series I would happily read a dozen

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In Safe Keeping

It was only supposed to be a casual affair a stress relieving night time romp a secret just between the two of them But when divorce lawyer Laila Richards ends up on the opposite side of the bench to high powered lawyer Evan Barclay in a very public very high profile divorce she knows 45 stars While I found the situation that the two main characters found themselves at the start of the book to be implausible and then getting even implausible the story soon grabbed me and I couldn t put it down The story developed a little too much on rails for me with the usual grab bag of feeling betrayed and then reconciliation during the climax but that was okay The book was a little short and I would have preferred a solid resolution but I uite enjoyed it

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Fears his client his best friend the son of the only family Evan has ever known may be involvedBound by client confidentiality and battling a massive conflict of interest Laila and Evan fight to win fight for justice and fight for a chance at a relationship that’s anything but casu Another solid book in this series

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    Family lawyer Laila Richards had been devastated by her husband’s death four years previously; the circumstances of his death had only added to her grief in the following years But since meeting high profile lawyer Evan Barclay o

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    45 stars While I found the situation that the two main characters found themselves at the start of the book to be implausible and then getting even implausible the story soon grabbed me and I couldn't put it down The story developed a little to

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    You can find this review in English belowInteresanteNo sabía muy bien ué pensar de esta historia pero me ha gustado Mucho La encontré mientras buscaba algún romance entre abogados y aunue apenas hay acción en los juzgados ue era lo ue más me apetecía leer me ha sorprendido gratamente Laila Richards es una abogada de treinta tantos ue perdió a su marido 4 años atrás En un accidente Él era militar y las causas

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    When widowed family lawyer Laila Richards met hotshot Evan Barclay it was only supposed to stay casual After mourning the loss of h

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    In Safe Keeping is book three in the Grace Poole series by Lee Christine When Laila Richards lands a high proof case that could do amazing things for her small family law practice she ended her relationship with E

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    In Safe Keeping is the third book in a series by Lee Christine I had not read the previous two and did not find this a difficulty as the book easily stands alone well Although I am sure readers of the first two books woul

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    Another fantastic read by Aussie author Lee Christine

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    Another solid book in this series

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    45Full review to come

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    I read this book in one day that's how good it is Full review to come shortly

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