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Thinks she's too uptight She thinks he's too laid back All the pair has to do is finish renovating the Victorian house they bought together sell it and they'll never see each other again In the meantime she'll stick to her side of the house and he'll stick to his So why do they keep meeting in the hallwa.

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The Cowboy Next DoorMeant for You

The Cowboy Next Door by Laurie Paige No men allowedCybil Mathews bought her ranch knowing exactly what she wanted out of life serenity purpose and a world free from men Just her luck to land sexy Mason Faraday as a neighbor The infuriating rancher has an ego the size Nevada and a body born to wear tight.

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Fitting jeans Cybil is determined to stay footloose and fancy free but Mason's incendiary kisses are branding her heart as his ownMeant for You by Patricia Knoll Too close for comfortCaitlin Beck and Jed Bishop don't see eye to eye on anything except their inability to keep their hands off each other He.