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    I am an admirer of Laurie's work and consider her earlier works to be among the finest poetry and prose I have enjoyed I attended a Writing th

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Side Canyons a fictionalized account based on journal notes taken during a trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is a tale of intimate relationship with the earth and the personal evolution of an impressionable woman in nine challenging life changing days The grandiose inspirational setting of th.

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Side Canyons

E river and the canyon coupled with an intricate drama of the human heart provides an unsurpassed story revealed through daily narrative poetic musing and prose reflection Side Canyons is a sensual slice of life adventure about exploration discovery recognition and acceptance of both internal and external land.

Read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Laurie Wagner Buyer

Scapes a journey into unknown territories where even the most sedate reader will be swept away Laurie Wagner Buyer currently lives in Woodland Park Colorado where she's working on poetry creative nonfiction and fiction manuscripts presenting workshops for writers and speaking at various venues across the count.