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They called her the Ice ueenAnne Winters Self made billionaire Household name Divorced single mom Convicted felon She didn't let anyone or anything get to her No one was allowed to breach the walls around her heart except for her own son She had only one trusted friend her vacation house neighbor They'd been walking the beach together for twenty years Not that this gave him access to her heart of courseThey called him a man who got what he wantedMack Corey Self made billionaire Dominant world player Widowed father of the.

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Weet and sexy and all around delicious New York Times bestselling author Nalini SinghI love love Laura Florand's writing Deeply emotional delightfully sensual deliciously sumptuous Virginia Kantra NYT bestselling authorIt's like when you find that amazing piece of chocolate you take a bite and it sits on your tongue and melts into a pool of liuid heaven RT Book ReviewsExplosive sensual and utterly sweet NPRGorgeously written in that way that sort of creeps through my entire body and makes me shiver with delight Dear Autho. Favorite uote Never put off tomorrow the hot sex you could be having today You just never know what might happen I absolutely adore Laura Florand s books and when I heard her latest featured protagonists that are in their fifties I was greatly intrigued Further the heroine was recently in prison Yes Bring itAnne Winters is a self made billionaire Having a magazine empire and being brilliant at interior design and crafting Anne has been uite successful in business Her personal life hasn t uite shined as much After having a son her marriage fell apart and when that son got married his marriage was in trouble for uite a while from the book Snow Kissed Oh and there is that pesky little matter of her being guilty of insider trading and going to prison for six months And let s just get out of the way that yes she is Martha Stewart but let s also pretend she is Anne not Martha But she is now out and ready to live life Except she is nicknamed the Ice ueen She is serious proper never letting emotion get the better of her Even during her trial she would look at the jury with a fuck you attitude which didn t help her case much Anne didn t do vulnerable She looked at the jury and thought If I play all fragile I bet they ll let me off and instead of doing that she gazed them straight in the eyes and thought Fuck you The admiration Mack had felt watching her and the impotent fury at the damn Department of Justice had caught him in a tight fist and held him Held him every damn day she was in prison Still held himShe has been friends with another billionaire and head of Corey Chocolate Mack Corey for twenty years Mack s wife died in a car accident years ago leaving him to raise two daughters They each own a beach home in the Hampton s and when they are both in residence have taken to long walks on the beach together for yearsIn present day Mack s daughter Jaime is getting married to Dom from The Chocolate Touch and Anne has decorated his house for the event perfectly All the chocolatiers are in town and the wedding festivities are in full swing During the wedding maybe due to a few drinks or maybe due to the fact that he is tired of waiting Mack decides Anne is the one for him But Anne s ice facade is a hard one to crackbut Mack is so hot he just melts it awayMack is damn sexy you guys I just love that Florand writes her heroes who for the most part are the ones that really have to work to win the heroine Work it boys Mack is set on getting Anne to finally see him romantically but she is a tough one to crack Besides being closed off Anne loves to fight Boxing aside when Mack approaches her and flirts her first instinct is to fight him off even though her insides are going all gooey There is also the fact that he does it at his daughter s wedding so there are a lot of eyes and pressure on themHe is so intense and naughty and you know from the first sentence out of his mouth that Anne will lose He riles her up and gets her going and it s good times for all Go ahead Anne Hit me Damn it she couldn t She didn t want to hurt him Fuck you No you he said with those glittering beat the world eyes and that battering ram voice Isn t that what we re talking about His voice went low low low so deep it vibrated through her bones Fucking you And there is kissing And he kissed herJust flat out kissed her No careful approach no slow dip in to make sure she was okay with it no testing the waters He just took her mouth and took it over like she was damn company and he was pissed offLike he was just going to seize all her assets and restructure herShe felt that way Seized RestructuredWe also spend time reflecting with Mack now that both of his daughters are married He feels a bit lost and sad that they live across the world from him That he has to let these two brute men take care of his daughters And Anne has to come to terms with how she raised her only son and the yearning she had for other children she couldn t have It s a very full story for a shorter length bookThis can be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend this author and all her workRating B

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Bride No felony convictions yet although his daughters had come close He'd transformed his family company into one of the top 500 by the age of thirty He'd raised two daughters who dumped him for idiot arrogant French chocolatiers and went off to live in Paris Hell he even managed to tolerate his dad But that Ice ueen act Anne Winters had going was really starting to get to himThey'd been best friends for twenty years Could they become loversCould a frozen heart be kissed by the sunPraise for Laura Florand and her novelsS. Rating 35 Stars Sun Kissed is a beautifully written coda to Florand s Amour et Chocolat Series Bringing together Mack Corey the father or father figure to three of the heroines from this previously six book series as well as Anne Winters the mother of Kurt from Snow Kissed Florand ties together the loose threads in this extended family of French chefs chocolate lovers and emotionally strong individuals who have found love often in the most unlikeliest of places Without a doubt I d recommend reading Sun Kissed only after having finished the rest of Florand s back list merely because the sweet cameos of past couples and references to prior love stories will tug at your memory further adding to the experience of this short novel Sun Kissed is a compelling romance primarily because its protagonists are far older than the typical age group associated with young love Which is precisely what this story is not Sun Kissed is far from a tale of first love with its healing kisses and gentle caresses Instead it is a story of the building affection and burning love between two adults adults who have been knocked down by life who have built walls of steel and ice around their hearts and who have somehow persevered through watching their young family age and travel away from them Set during the wedding of Jaime Corey Mack s youngest daughter and Dominiue Richard an absolutely swoon worthy French chocolatier Mack and Anne slowly realize that the only path they want into their future is one traversed together It isn t an easy romance though For Mack facing the reality that both his daughters have married found spouses they want to spend time with than their own father and are moving to another continent entirely is a difficult admission to deal with Mack s entire life has revolved around his daughters caring for them providing for them making enough money for them and loving them enough for two parents Now to witness them simply leave everything he has built for his not so modest son in laws is to put it mildly a bit of a shock Moreover for Anne the tough facade she walks under refuses to drop In order to have become a wealthy and successful single mother Anne chilled her heart with ice and sharpened her gaze with steel intimidating every man who dared challenge her and knock her down Thus to open her heart to Mack Corey is no easy task Florand builds their romance gradually though making sure to intersperse within their love story the familial issues that plague them due to their age Kurt and Kai s heart breaking situation follows us into Sun Kissed as Anne acknowledges the fact that she may never have grand children and worse that her son fell in love with a woman as far removed from Anne herself It is the myriad of all these dilemmas both inner and outer that make Sun Kissed such a masterpiece to inhaleMoreover the brief appearances made by my absolute favorite Florand heroes from Sylvain Maruis to Philippe Lyonnais only elevated Sun Kissed as Florand manages to keep her large host of characters distinct in their individual personalities despite the similarities many of them share and displays their relationships with a balance of poise and realism Nothing is sugar coated and though this novel seems to be full of happily ever afters they are endings hard won endings that will only continue to be hard won as well

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    45 StarsSun Kissed was another heartfelt beautiful romance by Laura Florand and as usual I was awed by her writing talents She makes you feel so profoundly with her words that I always come away from her stories moved emotionally I swear every time I read one of her books I’m tearing up at least once because I’m overco

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    I have a thing for best friend turned lovers stories and this one is so good I also really enjoyed that it was about an older couple also dealing with things like their children getting married and moving on with their lives I'm nowhere near that phase of life yet but I can imagine it isn't going to be easy I enjoyed how Mack and Anne balanced and smoothed each other out I have always liked the character of Mack in the

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    First read Aug 2015aye frisky old people both Hh are 53 years old halove the whole gang togetheri think i'm gonna go and reread this series or maybe try finishing Phillipe and Magalie's book omg i can't seem to get into that oneReread July 2016SMH at pastLisa for initially rating this a 3 I mean this relationship is like #goalsMack Corey is definitely up there with Jack West in my Old Men Can Get It from and a

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    Rating 35 Stars Sun Kissed is a beautifully written coda to Florand's Amour et Chocolat Series Bringing together Mack Corey the father or father figure to three of the heroines from this previously six book series as well as Anne Winters the mother of Kurt from Snow Kissed Florand ties together the loose threads in this extended family of

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    So Laura Florand is one of those authors that I'd put in the my friends love her but she doesn't work for me Not firmly so but I hadn't liked The Chocolate Thief that well The writing didn't click with me But some of her books still intrigued me so she was someone I was willing to give a second chance toAnd all my friends seemed to be reading this today and Jess lent this to me and SO GOODIt's a simple love story in th

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    Laura Florand delivers a poignant gritty and as always ultimately tenderly human love story If you have been reading the Amour et Chocolat as voraciously as I have you will adore this romance between Mark Corey an

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    I wanted to love this book as it has many things I like in romances an older hero and heroine and a friends to lovers stories We also get cameos from many of the characters in the author's other books in her Love and Chocolate series Unfortunately I just didn't love it and in fact it's very difficult for me to grade Parts of the book were just beautiful particularly one scene between Anne and her son towards the end of the book

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    Favorite uote “Never put off tomorrow the hot sex you could be having today You just never know what might hap

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    1st read 51214 Very very nice Happy sighThis novella features Cade Jaime's dad from The Chocolate Thief and The Chocolate Touch as well as the mother in law from Snow KissedPlot thoughts I'm not a huge fan of Martha Stewart or her insider trading so I was predisposed not to feel too sympathetically towards Anne But since this was by Florand I read it Believe me if it were by anyone else I'd be staying far FAR away from this type

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