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Against her wrist as she rolled his balls between her fingers as though they were pebbles she was anticipating throwing“You don’t waste much time do you” Mike asked huskily peering onto the top of her near black spiked hair“My time is my most valuable commodity” She said reaching into her pocket withdrawing the tiny package She ripped open the metallic wrapped condom and Mike stared in awe as she pulled it out with her glistening white teeth His bare ass writhed against the bark of the tree scraping it gently adding to the sensation of her hand on his balls Sliding down to his groin she withdrew the condom into her mouth He saw her tongue adjusting it as her black painted dragon nails pulled his cock from between his zipper His erection lurched as it entered the free space between her face“Well this is a nice specimen” She noted as her mouth opened to accept hiscockMike’s hands felt the stiff product in her hair through his calloused fingers His breath was rapid as she masterfully slid the condom onto the head of his shaft The friction of.

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Bed Warmers Vol 2

5 deliciously hot sex scenes that include everything from couple play threesomes bondage submissive rough sex lesbian masturbation bisexual Warning 18 ONLY This title contains erotic situations graphic language oral bisexual threesomes glory hole cock sucking MFM FFM EXCERPTMike had no idea where she was leading him but he followed along in earnest interest It wasn’t a long trek she pulled him to just the edge of the driveway and behind one of the giant ancient oaks Slamming his back to the tree her hand went to his crotch “What the fuck” Mike muttered at her intentional molestation“Oh I’m sorry do you have a problem with fucking” The imp gazed at him with accusatory eyes Her appearance was confusing a mixture of gothic yet with a definite shattering femininityMike thought through this uestion in a half a second “Absolutely not let me help you with that” Mike unzipped his jeans in a second the hand that slithering through the opening was warm and soft Her tiny fingers sought his balls cupping them inviting them to play His cock swelled up.

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Her tongue on his cock was sweet and soft She flicked and rolled the condom onto him with her talented mouth until he felt the rubber meet the curled hairs at his base Her eyes black with lust peered up at him “I want to fuck you I want to fuck you fast and hard is that acceptable” From his view Mike could see her silky breasts swollen under her black tank top Her nipples were piercing the fabric tantalizing his scrotum with need “Yes” It was all he could manage at the moment but this was not a girl who needed intellectual conversation it would seem Mike grabbed her arm pits and drug her body up to face him studying her black eyes for a moment he lowered his mouth onto hers The silver ring that entered his mouth was not expected; it shot a wave of pre cum directly to the slit in his prick His hands struggled to her waist The button on the front of her jeans was impossibly small he fumbled with it finally freeing it He slid his hand between her taunt skin and the jeans Reaching without hesitation into her panties he found the wetness he was seeking.

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    This is a collection of super sexy excerpts from a few of Laura Coopers books I have to admit excerpts were not what I was expecting so I was a little dissapointed at first In the end I'm glad I read it They are definitely steamy and now I know for sure that it will be worth the money to pick up a few of her books

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