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Crum I wish he was dead and get on with my life In the wake of her parents' separation Polly a fifteen year old wannabe writer comes face to face with her inner dragon a truculent impatient creature named Scrum who is a talented but frightful critic of her writing With the help of Ms Patience Whitfo By the time you finish this book you will be inspired to pick up that story you have been working on and finish it This book was an amazing blend of fiction and non fiction using an absolutely relatable character to drag the reader in to the world of Polly The story provides so much information to young writers along with encouragement to keep trying Anyone who wants to write must read this book first Shelby

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Rd a literary dragon trainer and leader of a global writing guild Polly faces the almost impossible task of going beyond her good ideas to finish a publishable piece of fiction All the while Polly and Scrum become entangled in a dangerous scheme that threatens the future of every writer on the plane Writing is something that s often seen to be a rigorous monotonous process but Polly through its imaginative characters and entertaining and sometimes brilliantly humorous storyline proves that it is just the oppositeThe story centers around a teenager called Polly a fifteen year old who is filled with brilliant ideas the one about the vampire wolf in particular made me laugh but has trouble developing them into actual novels and pieces of writing I must admit I was skeptical and wary at first part due to the purplish children s book type cover part due to the dreariness of previous writing guides I ve bored through but I must say that there is something for everyone in Polly Wants to Be a WriterPolly s problem with writer s block very much parallels the struggles that I face as writer Like Polly I ve too struggled with developing an idea into a coherent piece of work The moments in which Polly learns to write are brief and although some might not like this but personally I found this is what made this part novel part instruction manual such an engaging read Writing tips aren t crammed into the novel but rather slowly introduced to the reader with lengthy parts of actual storyline in between time in which the reader can slowly digest what he or she has just learnt Come to think of it the way in which the novel is written very much parallels a writer s journey of growth Writers don t instantly become masters of their craft but rather slowly build up their set of skills over a long period of timeThe characters prove to be both uirky and imaginative Polly the main character of the novel is someone that we all relate to We share in Polly s troublesome plight from the very beginning of the novel feel Polly s anxiousness in Dr Mammozarack s depression clinic and share in the success that Polly feels when she completes the first draft of her story at the end of the novelThe story is lighthearted and a uick read I loved the representation of our inner literary critic as a dragon The idea of muzzling our literary dragons is a metaphor that I m sure will help younger kids understand the importance of allowing our ideas to run wild during the first few stages of writing Scrum was actually one of my favorite elements of the book without Scum the novel wouldn t have been as nearly as funny as it is I was laughing when Scrum ate Polly s laptop I think as readers we were meant to feel sympathetic towards Polly but I had a great laugh when reading that particular bit of the bookThis novel is great for young aspiring writers like Polly but also for those who just want something to read for Polly is a great story in itself

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I suck I'll never make it I get writer's block every ten seconds every day all the time I should give up I can't even finish any of my own stories I truly suck I'm sorry for wasting your time Maybe I'll be a nurse like my mom or sell farm euipment like my dad Whatever I'm going to go home and tell S This book wasn t available in my country and had to be specially ordered but I went out of my way into getting it I knew that this book would be amazing for writers like me so it my mind I kept saying to myself Be patient It s worth the wait for sure When I finally did get it I cracked open the first page and started reading right awayThroughout the whole story Polly intrigued me Polly was a hard headed and lazy writer But somehow I felt very connected to her and that I understood all she was going through as a young writer Always having writer s block always procrastinating instead of actually writing and spent time arguing with her dragon than she did actually writing At some point I realized that the reason I was so interested in Polly it s because I saw myself in her I also had that stubborn and self doubting mind of a writer And I m sure a bunch of my fellow writers agrees with me The story revolved around this idea how can new and young writers start writing when we are always discouraging ourselves and always avoided actually writing because we think we can t make it This is actually a reality for all writers And I was very impressed by how it was brilliantly brought into the storyIn a fast paced adventurous but fun story I was encouraged to keep writing and learned how to start out properly as a writer And this happened through numerous amazing and well thought out characters such as Ms Whitford who reminded so much of the author because of her determination to help young writers Another character was Scrum I always found him adorable because of his silly antics but he made me understand that writers dragons aren t there to bully you but to help you And he made me love my own dragon tooI can t bear to spoil anything in the book but let s just say that with everything will keep you on the edge of your seat With Polly s story I started reading as a weak willed writer and finished completely renewed as a determined writer knowing that the world needs my storiesAfter reading it I was so fired up to write that I was able to finish my own first draft or should I say my lump of clay I recommend this read to everyone who wants to be a writer and is finding it impossible to do so Maybe your dragons are getting out of hand Well this book will definitely give you a lot of pointers to help you train them

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    An exciting and entertaining work of fiction paired easily with non fiction ideas to help young writers along their course Polly Wants To Be A Writer is a genius tale crafted specifically for the young writers of today I enjoyed the story with

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    This book wasn’t available in my country and had to be specially ordered but I went out of my way into getting it I knew that thi

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    Entwining fantasy with reality Laura Thomas deftly weaves an intriguing story of fifteen year old Polly who aspires to be a writer and her stru

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    By the time you finish this book you will be inspired to pick up that story you have been working on and finish it This boo

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    Okay actually I made it about two thirds of the way through this book Polly the protagonist is nothing than an immature brat She shows

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    The fate of every writer is at stake And it's taking all of 15 year old Polly’s determination to forget that and concentrate on her short story Blink Another literary dragon wiped of the map Getting really hard to concentrate on her story nowYou suck you’ll never make it the distracting snide voice breaks in again She knew she should have muzzled her dragon before getting started on her first draft Oh th

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    Writing is something that’s often seen to be a rigorous monotonous process but Polly through its imaginative ch

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    Cleverly crafted and highly informative Laura Thomas has absolutely blown me away with Polly Wants to be a Write

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    Dragons writing adventure and reading What could you ask for And if you want something that combines all of these good news I have just the book for youTo be perfectly honest when I first read this book I was sceptical I thought it would be like a manual or even a children’s story told in a patronising manner But as soon as I read the first few pages I knew that it wasn’t like that Hints from Ms Whitford one of the main charac

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    Prior to reading this book I had a dream of being writer But it was just that; a dream With all the pressure of school work and exams I felt like I'd never fulfill my dream So when I found this book I thought it would be perfect for me And I was so rightMy first impression of the book was that it would just be full of boring tips f