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Tested looks like the answer The waiting is almost over Then disaster strikes In a deja vu nightmare for The Disney Company a ruthless corporate raider launches a takeover attempt planning to sell off the company's assets to the highest bidders And this time there are no white knights in Disney's corner But the Circle is still there the small group of confidants who

Summary Waking Walt

Waking Walt

Helped Walt escape death and who have been guarding him and his secret ever since Even though they're all old men now they're not about to let Walt's company be torn apart without a fight And they know just who can lead them However as they scurry to wake him the Circle discovers there are powerful forces that want the dead to stay dead But they don't know Walt Disn

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Waking Walt is a spellbinding take on one of America's most enduring urban legends Could it be true; Walt Disney was never cremated and buried at Forest Lawn as the official story goes Imagine that for nearly 40 years the great entertainment genius has been in cryonic suspension waiting to return when a cure for his lung cancer is found Now an experimental drug being

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    A sort of what if story what if Walt Disney really had been cryogenically frozen In this story the Disney company falls into trouble and Walt is woken up to save it But he has to get around business pitfalls and shady dealings all whi

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    A spec fic thriller what if Walt Disney had been cryogenically preserved was being resurrected to save the company what lengths would a greedy take over artist go to in order to prevent that from happeningIt was an enjoyable and lengthy at 442 pgs read tho I'm not sure anyone not into Disney historytrivia and not just the happy shiny mousie part would really appreciate it

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