DOC [Hammered With Pleasure (Pleasures Book 11) harlequin romance] author Lacey Thorn

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    Hammered is a great addition to the Pleasures family Short sweet and right to the sexy point

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    uick escapist fun MmmfBought from kobo

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    Enjoyable ReadThis latest entry into the Pleasures series is a great uick read Claudia Harmon Paz and Cam seem to have a b

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Claudia McIver has spent most of her life with one tool or another in her hand As the only child of a construction tycoon she’s learned the business from the ground up When her father announces he’s ready to retire she’s prepared to step in and fill his illustrious shoes That is until he tells her.

CHARACTERS Hammered With Pleasure (Pleasures Book 11)

Hammered With Pleasure (Pleasures Book 11)

Reputation for working hard and playing even harder They’re a team in everything they do with no exceptions not even in the bedroom They plan to take full advantage of Bryan McIver’s arrangement and persuade Claudia how wonderful it can be to have three men completely focused on one thingher pleasure.


He’s ready for grandbabies Then he cons her into a blind date with not one but three men telling her to pick the one that strikes her fancy How’s a woman to pick one when she wants all three Harmon Kellogg Cam uincy and Paz Whelan have had their gazes locked on Claudia for years The three men have a.