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Breaking the Glass Armor

Classical works have for us become covered with the glassy armor of familiarity wrote Victor Shklovsky in 1914 Here Kristin Thompson defamiliarizes the reader with eleven different films Developing the techniue formulated in her Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible Princeton 1981 she clearly demonstrates the flexibility of the neoformalist approach She argues that critics often use cut and dried methods and choose films that easily fit those methods Neoformalism on the other hand encourages the critic to deal

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Expectations Other chapters deal with Tati's Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot and Play Time and Godard's Tout va bien and Sauve ui peut la vie Although neoformalist analysis is a rigorous distinctive approach it avoids extensive specialized vocabulary and esoteric concepts the essays here can be read separately by those interested in the individual films The book's overall purpose however goes beyond making these particular films accessible and intriguing to propose new ways of looking at cinema as a whol

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With each film differently and to modify his or her analytical assumptions continually Thompson's analyses are thus refreshingly varied and revealing ranging from an ordinary Hollywood film Terror by Night to such masterpieces as Late Spring and Lancelot du Lac She proposes a formal historical way of dealing with realism using Bicycle Thieves and The Rules of the Game as examples Stage Fright and Laura provide cases in which the classical cinema defamiliarizes its own conventions by playing with audience

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    The most comprehensive exposition of the neoformalist method with case studies in several genres and modes of film practice Along with ON THE HISTORY OF FILM STUDY by David Bordwell this is the single most influential book for me in film studies and has taught me about aesthetics and the historically informed formal analysis of film art than almost anything else Contains insightful analysis of films by Ozu God

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