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Betty Fedora Issue One

Betty Fedora is a feminist yes we went there crime fiction magazine If it's got a kickass woman's perspective it must be Betty Fedora Issue One features Temptation

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3 thoughts on “Betty Fedora Issue One

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    Good stories but nothing here that has me pounding the table saying you have to read this

  2. says:

    I'm not really a reader of short stories I like long term investments into a story and am always frustrated by short stories ending right when I'm getting into them That said I do appreciate the art of short stories a good one skillfully draws you in gets you involved then throws the one two punch ending that makes you realize its brilliance The stories in this collection definitely fit that bill I really enjoy

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    If you like short stories and you like your heroines hard boiled noir and capable this is the book for you I keep a book of short s