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characters Men's Wardrobe Chic Simple

Men's Wardrobe Chic Simple

Men's clothes today are confusing they reflect the multi task world we all live in where work is a constant presence and fun is serious business The old uniforms are gone with casual work environments new cultural standards and increasing global influences new styles are evolving In this changing time Chic Simple Men's Wardrobe makes the myriad options easy accessible and inexpensive The book is divided into four sections of a guy's life WORK LIFE takes you through.

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T on the town handle the new corporate casual look travel for a week with an overnight bag relax when the invite reads black tie choose the right cut for your body type dejunk your closet and recycle the classics you own create a low maintenance lifetime wardrobe First Aid a section in the back turns you into your own valet stains starch ironing are demystified; how to pack and how to shop are deconstructed; and a glossary defines than 200 terms from gusset to plack.

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Everything you need to compete sartorially whether you work at home or in an office EVERYDAY LIFE reflects today's casual society and the new dress codes for weekends and after work OUTDOOR LIFE is a gear guide to both the classics and the tech advanced sport clothes for golf tennis skiing fishing hunting or the gym and evening wear whether for a casual dinner date or opening night is covered in NIGHT LIFE In addition you'll learn to dress for an interview or a nigh.

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    Interesting for it's snippets on the creation of certain styles of jackets or garments

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    This book makes me drool The perfect guide to dressing my Ken doll ;

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