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A young woman kidnapped by the villain who may be her long lost love The actress who falls for the assassin hired to kill her The English governess who tames the wild Highlander widower The Victorian Rebels are most dangerous blackguards of society They answer to no one and relish in their rebellion But for the women who lay claim to their souls their stoic fierceness is what makes these heroes so dark and what makes their heroines want them like no other in these three stunning historical romance novels from Kerrigan Byrne The HighwaymanDorian Blackwell the Blackheart of Ben More is a ruthless villain Scarred and hard hearted Dorian is one of Victorian London's wealthiest most influential men who w.

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Three Ways to Start a Scandal Victorian Rebels #1 3

Ill stop at nothing to wreak vengeance on those who've wronged him and will fight to the death to seize what he wants The lovely still innocent widow Farah Leigh Mackenzie is no exception and soon Dorian whisks the beautiful lass away to his sanctuary in the wild Highlands But Farah is no one's puppet She possesses a powerful secret one that threatens her very life The HunterChristopher Argent lives in the shadows as the empire's most elite assassin Emotion is something he tossed away years ago making him one of the most clear eyed cold hearted wealthiest and therefore untouchable men in London But when his latest target turns out to be London's own darling Millicent LeCour Christopher's whole world.

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Is turned upside down Overwhelmed by her stunning combination of seduction and innocence Christopher cannot complete the mission She has made him feel again Now he will do anything to save her life so that he can claim her as his own The HighlanderThey call him the Demon Highlander The fearsome Lieutenant Colonel Liam MacKenzie is known for his superhuman strength towering presence and fiery passion in the heat of battle As Laird to the MacKenzie clan the undefeated Maruess has vanuished his foes with all rage and wrath of his barbaric Highland ancestors But when an English governess arrives to care for his children the master of war finds himself up against his greatest opponent in the game of lov.

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    The three books in the Victorian Rebels series by Kerrigan Byrne were delicious The first in the series “The Highwayman” is very well written and draws you in from the start The story starts with Farah who is a

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    I cannot say enough about this exceptional series and eually exceptional writer if you want to sit down with Coffee chocolate and a warm fire and lose yourself for a few hours this is the series for youI guarantee your going to need your tissue