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Kate Fuentes ½ 8 Characters

Able gates to an unknown dimension and free his family from the evil that has held them captive for so long Reality cross connects with fantasy and shatters the misconception the Earth realm is the only civilization within our universe after Talon uncovers the path to mystic portals Dark forces remain ever present and are lured by Talon's fury combined with his supernatural abilities to harness the.

Summary Elements Veil of Darkness

Elements Veil of Darkness

Elemental power of fire along with extraordinary shape shifting skills He must embrace the courage to control his amazing gifts and follow the hidden evidence that may lead him to discovering his lost family or deliver him directly to the enemy Malicious minions have challenged the sole survivor of the 'Brothers of Prophecy' and will try to obliterate the only remaining force that can save humanit.

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Talon Thorn's entire world comes tumbling down around him as he experiences the unexpected separation and possible death of his twin brother Gage He struggles to balance the emotional onslaught of anger and guilt in a life where triumph can fade to cataclysmic despair in an instant With the ancient prophecy to protect mankind still looming over him Talon remains confident he can unlock the impenetr.

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    It’s always wonderful when the second book in a series can hold up to the excitement of the first book This was certainly the case with Elements Veil of Darkness Actually I think I may have loved this one even I really enjoyed the different time seuences and the way the book alternated between the main characters I love the twins in this book They definitely grew into the men that the first book alluded to It was also

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