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When I first set down my prison experiences I like most of us stood overwhelmed by the catastrophe which had burst upon the German people How could it ever have happened How was it possible A country such as Germany with its powerful labor unions its hundreds of thousands of politically trained workers the Berlin we knew the Ruhr the Saxons how could it have surrendered without a struggle to the Fascist domination For a moment I have hesitated as to whether or not I should take out in the new edition of this book the passages descriptive of the hapless dissension among the workers even in prisonBut after a.

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Ll the book is not a political treatise; it is a reporting of the facts Karl Billinger Now comes this book that tells us just what happened to individuals during the forced 'evolutionary' change to Fascism As I see it it is a chapter of our still avoidable future; we don't have to continue on the way we are headed now A very simple narrative this vivid book tells with tight lipped unexpressed emotion just what happened in Germany to one man who suffered as much as any other German probably He was not a middle class Jew he was a communist worker and the Communists are the worst hated of all men by the Nazis.

Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Karl Billinger

You can see here the reason for this Communism is the opposite of the Fascists' way; the Communists are the most dangerous of all people to the Fascists; and the Communists are the hardest to conuer This man for example was sent to one of the Fascist prisons in Berlin and he was tortured there en masse; then to a concentration camp and tortured there en masse Indeed this is his whole story told in moving detail except that he did not yield or peach but held silently grimly to the line of his conviction And when he was released he went back to work with his party for Communism Lincoln Stefens's book review.