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Tender Silence Special Edition No 536

Cold Hot Violent Gentle To MIA widow Anne Elise Butler explosive Captain Kell Chaisson was uicksilver personified To her horror her final duty to her husband a foray into Bangkok's treacherous black market depended on the troublesho.

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Lea for help Her tender femininity promised pleasures beyond compare yet her miss to Asia evoked agonizing memories and her wifely devotion triggered a minefield of raw emotion What cruel Fate had linked duty to such maddening desir.

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Oter's deadly skills Worse his brazen masculinity hinted at other services he'd willingly supplyBattle hardened Kell was an expert at survival But blistering combat was nothing next to the war that raged inside him at Anne Elise's p.

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Sandra Canfield and under the pseudonym of Karen Keast She also used the pseudonym of

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    I have read a couple of books by this author they have been a mixed bag But I am happy to report that this was one of the good ones and not a purchase I regretted The heroine's life was changed when her husband was tagged MIA a casualty of the Vietnam war and she was left to raise her baby girl by herself her life stuck in a limbo Now her

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