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Wendy the Witch

Ader in the action and add to their pleasure Younger children can share these books with an adult confident readers can enjoy them on their own Either way they will capture the imagination of them al.

Review Wendy the Witch

George and Lily's help she sets off on a magical uest to brush up her witching skillsEach story in this charmingly illustrated series has picture puzzles threaded through it which will involve the re.

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Wendy is George and Lily's granny She's also learning to be a witch But Granny Wendy has a problem She hasn't been doing very well in her spellcraft classes and now she has to take a spell test With.

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    Granny Wendy struggles to learn her spells in this entertaining and interactive early reader Informed by the Head Wizard and Head Witch that she must master four spells by the following day or give up her effort to become a witch Wendy is distraught Fortunately she has her grandchildren Lily and George to help her not to mention the Great Wise WizardPart of the Usborne Young Puzzle Adventures series released by the British publi

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    It was to read this book😊

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