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Summary Mrs Vickers Knickers

Nd round the rollercoaster Will Mrs Vickers ever be united with her favorite pair of frilly pink knickers A pair of frilly knickers make a hilarious journey in this exhilarating story.

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Mrs Vickers Knickers

Mrs Vickers is just pegging out her favorite knickers when whoosh they are caught in a gust of wind and fly away That’s the end of them thinks Mrs Vickers But she is wrong This is j.

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Ust the beginning Mrs Vickers’ Knickers are whisked and whirled on the breeze; on and on they sail over the building site through the town where they cause traffic chaos and round a.

3 thoughts on “Mrs Vickers Knickers

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    Follow the trail of the knickers as they go from place to place

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    Bought this as a treat for my youngest son for his effort in reading he loves a laugh and this book fits the bill Very vibra

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    Fun uick read for children aged 3 6

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