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A dark and affecting tale about the turbulence of growing up the many worlds we inhabit and the secret lives we liveFifteen year old Tenral leads two lives There is the one she leads with her family and her friends at school a skin of milk life easy and forgiving like 5 o'clock sunshine Into her other difficult life move her English teacher Mrs Alfie and her dead lov.

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Ambrosia for Afters

Er Tenral recreates their romance taking her clues from Mrs Alfies dramatic rendering of poetry and tries to reconcile the past with the present through her own fairytalesEven as her friends look on disapproving of her flights of fancy Tenral's complex imaginary world widens to include the dour Maths teacher Mr Tilak and Mrs Alfies mad mother who spills the secret ab.

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Out Mrs Alfies navy blue babyEvents hurtle towards a frightening climax as Mrs Alfie emerges from Tenrals world of make believe to reveal the truth Tenral can reject this truth and escape into her world of fantasy Or she can embrace real life with its hardships and disappointments in the hope that in the end it is all worthwhile for there is always ambrosia for after.

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    Tenral is a schoolgirl in Bombay in the 1960s She's intelligent imaginative and has a faculty for inwardly focussed ecstacy which she calls the Song She and her classmates in the convent school she studies at are especially intrigued by their English teacher Fleur D'Cruz who recites Victorian verses in a rich evocative voice and freuently invokes the opinions of a long dead beau named Alfie Interspersed with vivid descriptions of

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    Amazing It's poetry in the disguise of prose Loved it