[nutrition Books] Ebook Path of Shadows ↠ Kain Jensen

  • Kindle Edition
  • 153
  • Path of Shadows
  • Kain Jensen
  • English
  • 09 April 2019
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    A decent fantasy full of magic dedication and love The main storyline was solid enough just to undeveloped Some

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Path of Shadows

Ight against the shadows Les encounters a mysterious warrior much powerful than anything he had ever fought before and it takes all of his newly acuired abilities to make it out alive But once his brother Gabriel is lost into the shadow grounds Les must find a way to save him in a desperate race against time itself and the very entity of chaos Amidst the beginning of a great battle Les has to unite with an unlikely ally a man called Valerian who appears to hold both li.

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Ght and darkness into himself Together they reveal the secrets buried deep within the frozen depths of a forgotten ocean and realize there's than one way to light up the darkness and set a soul free Siren's thistle Its light exists even in the shadow grounds if you know where to look for it My father once told me it has the power to guide a lost soul back home Rain's fingers traced the fine petals of the flower which opened to reveal a row of stamens shining like spark.

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In a world where magic and light serve as the final frontier before an ancient darkness it's up to the hunters to keep the balance between life and death Les Raus is the descendant of generations who have fought with iron and light against the terrifying nightmare which are the shadow beings He travels the cursed path of the hunters its power taking roots deep into the chaos but serving to awaken the true strength within those who come back from it Locked in a fierce f.

About the Author: Kain Jensen

Since his childhood Kain has been fascinated with the endless worlds nested between a book’s pages and the journey they offered to everyone who’d dare dwell between them However the LGBT part of society was widely underrepresented in Kain’s home country therefore inspiring the desire to seek and eventually create fiction with diverse characters who openly embrace their nature and sexualityS