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Pieces of a Spiral Volume 8

Hatred for Garai Ryotaro swore vengeance He grew up took the name Ryokei and extinguished the fire of Bishu Garai's son Now Ryokei is back as the sorceress Ma

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Yuko still seeking revenge against the demon father Bishu Garai and Ryokei are about to learn the truth about their tangled part and their interwoven destinies

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The past comes hunting for Garai In the last world Garai attacked the Ryokei clan and only the infant Ryotaro and his mother survived the carnage Consumed with

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    This is where everything appears to be doomed except for the villains SakuyaOkino has a moment of vulnerability which Sajo takes advantage of while Garai gets his clutches into WakyoImaizumi The boys are trying to fight back with no success M

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