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    FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorShe is an angel Stumbled right into my life and shone light when I was in my darkest plac

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    3 Stars All of the below spoilers are BIG SPOILERS so please don't click on the tag unless you are really sure y

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    5 'Crazy Wacko' starsThis is my first non cray cray book by K Webster and I think I even like this than her crazy and dark stuff Well let's be honest her other books mainly makes me uncomfortable gasping eyes bulging and eventually fainted This one is emotional heartfelt and funny at times The blurb actually soun

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    ★★★ 35 Stars★★★ Nessy hasn't had the best luck in the last year All she wants to do is start her own publishing company w

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    ༺Complimentary Copy༺ Provided by the authorK Webster in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE Untimely You AUTHOR K WebsterGENRE Contemporary RomanceCHAPTERS Prologue 23 Epilogue RELEASE DATE July 26th 2016MY RATING 4 STARS This aut

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    5 StarsMs Webster does it again She not only gives us a story with humor and sexiness she gives us a story about love loss and forgiveness I was so into this read I could not put it down I love each character in this read The main characters where so honest and cute I cried and cried and at one point yelled at my kindle 'Noooo' and

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    Re reading this awesome story again It's one of my favesFIVE STARSI loved every second of this wonderful story and this one

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    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review “Our kiss is no longer a kiss but instead a man trying to devour the first woman he’s tasted in over a decade I’m starving for her The need to touch

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    They say your life flashes before your eyes when you’re about to die And mine was full of mistakes FlashWorked too much

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    I truly don't know how she does it But she's done it again Untimely You is an absolutely fabulous emotional gut wrenching heartwarmi

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Untimely You

His secrets test the limits of her sanity and morals Yet he owns her The chains will break free The demon will be released And he'll be hungry forher Will 5 StarsMs Webster does it again She not only gives us a story with humor and sexiness she gives us a story about love loss and forgiveness I was so into this read I could not put it down I love each character in this read The main characters where so honest and cute I cried and cried and at one point yelled at my kindle Noooo and then felt relief She captured many emotions using the perfect words describing her characters feelings I felt I was a BFF next to her character Lol A must read One Click now

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Their untimely love overcome the past and create a living breathing future Perhaps Or they might just go crazy This book is a contemporary romance standalo They say your life flashes before your eyes when you re about to die And mine was full of mistakes FlashWorked too much FlashDrank too muchFlash Didn t tell her she was beautiful enough Flash My life should have been a glorious flipbook of laughter and beautiful memories It wasn t If only you d come to me a year from now Things would have been much simpler But you didn t Nees It s you he grumbles You re Untimely He slaps the desk Exactly Tears sting my eyes I told you I d wait for you What if I don t want you to wait for me he uestions As much as I want you you re a source of my anger too he admits I know I ve lost him for good Nees he growls Stop trying and stop fucking waiting Move on Please Yes as you may have guessed from the title and these uotes this book is about an untimely love It is awesome it feels right but it also is infuriating and it makes him feel guilty and angry and hopelessNeesy is an angel sent from heaven to heal him to save him He loves her but he hurts her badly than onceShe loves him and forgives him every time and whatever he does or however much he hurts her Neesy is life Neesy is love She s hope and a future and excitement rolled into one gorgeous package The woman is understanding and forgiveness I don t fucking deserve her but somehow I still have her You will most probably want to embrace Neesy she is really angelic She is also fun to be with And when she loves somebody that person is the luckiest one on earth I would have loved to have a friend like NeesyHowever you may want to strangle the hero for some of his actions and decisions but Adrian has his reasons and good reasons Still it is hard not to hate him sometimes All along his troublesome journey I tried to understand him I never managed to be as angelic as Nees but I did understand him and wished for his happy end I can t do this I m not strong enough and you reyou reToo alive Too real Too perfect Too much Not her You need to try to be in his shoes to understand him he is not an ashole for no reason he is in deep pain and guilt I can t leave her I murmur against the flesh of her neck Please don t ask me to I m not asking you to Her words seem to pour gasoline on the flames inside my head and soon the fire that is her ravages all thought she burns through my mind like a thousand forest fires singeing all of the pain and self loathing in the process My lips seek out hers brushing over them slightly This feels wrong but you heal me somehow I don t want you to hurt My lips crush with hers and I kiss her My tongue pushes between her lips and soon we re nipping and sucking on each other I want to get lost in you I want to forget You make me forget I don t want you to forget But I can be your escape Theirs is a strange journey making you happy for a while and then leaving you as a mess soon after and it is like a vicious cycle until everything resolvesIt has hot moments sad moments and funny moments The writing is good the character development is perfect It is told by dual point of view which enables us to understand the motives of both charactersTo tell the truth after a prologue like that I assumed certain things I had my guesses about what had happened but then I was greatly surprised by the first plot twist I really wasn t expecting it So not to spoil things for you I am writing a bit of a vague review here but please believe me when I say whatever you assume now will not be what you will be reading please believe that Start this book knowing nothing or not much about it and wait for to be surprised The blurb is also vague and it is like that for a reason Don t dig too much I would have given it 5 stars if only it had better plot twists towards the end as well I was saying to myself Oh now this will happen and it did happen twice even So except for the sort of clich plot twists in the second half of the book it was a good read for me and I loved it But I know it is not for everyone We read it together with my dear friend Bookylicious with whom I agree %90 of the time but this book made her crazy So maybe it is one of those books that you either love or hate nothing in betweenI still take a risk and recommend this book but don t get angry with me if you get furious all along the journey I somehow felt everything they felt and books making me feel are precious for me

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He can't love her It simply won't work Besides he's already bound to the prison he created A life that owns him She craves to help him She'll make it work FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorShe is an angel Stumbled right into my life and shone light when I was in my darkest place And ever since she s been lighting the way guiding me toward happiness What an amazing story I am going to be honest I didn t read the blurb I just knew that if K Webster wrote it then I wanted to read it I was expecting a dark story and although there definitely were some very sad undertones and our hero has some anger management issues I found this to be a beautiful and oftentimes funny love story I can t even explain properly how much I really fell in love with this one but if you were to take a look at my ebook copy you could see that the words definitely moved me I have countless passages highlighted and it was truly hard to pick just one uote to include in my review but I knew that others might be considered spoilers and so that did help in the process I had a little girl crush on our Heroine Neesy Noble She s a beautiful and exuberant young woman who hopes to start her own publishing house and in order to get a business loan she needs to show proof of employment for a minimum of at least ten months Since she recently lost her job and just started a new one at Hocksted Holdings her loan application was denied The position she took at Hocksted Holdings is beneath her skillset but she is determined to stay on in order to get that loan It does help that the co owner of the company is ridiculously handsome and has been the star of many of her latest naughty fantasies When Adrian Hocksted witnesses Neesy calming down a woman s highly agitated three year old son in a restaurant during their lunch hour he becomes intrigued with the young woman and propositions her with a new job responsibility She is to come to his house the next morning where he will explain what the new job entails Neesy being the silly girl with all these crazy romantic fantasies thinks that she is signing up to be his sex slave and can t wait for the kinky times to begin since she s been going through a dry spell She is in for a rude awakening when she finds out what Adrian wants her services for Adrian is a powerful but insanely beautiful man He s the epitome of the powerful billionaire alpha male that I definitely love to read about But he is seriously dark and brooding and it stems from the enormous amount of guilt he carries in his heart over a tragic accident that occurred twelve years ago He hires Neesy in hopes that she may be the miracle that his situation needs He never intended to fall for this beautiful and vibrant girl When he lets his guard down and gives in to the passion burning between them well damn I was definitely feeling my temperature rise to the hot as hell level But almost EVERY time Adrian is consumed with an overwhelming feeling of guilt and anger for having enjoyed himself with Neesy My heart broke repeatedly for the both of themNeesy was just an incredibly lovable Heroine I found myself cracking up numerous times over her humorous banter and constant mishaps The girl should be wearing a helmet and a padded suit because wherever she went Nessy was sure to trip over her feet and end up with a concussion I loved her deep sense of compassion and her patience She knew that Adrian was going through his own personal hell and she never gave him any ultimatums or talked down to him about the life altering decisions that he had madeI honestly think it s best if you are intending to read this book that you only read the non spoilerish reviews I left out a big chunk of the drama in this book because I believe you need to go into this one blind like I did But damn I am in awe of K Webster now I truly wasn t expecting this to be an adult contemporary romance with a healthy dose of hilarious humor but now I know the woman can definitely write than just the dark and erotica based storiesUNTIMELY YOU is available now I highly recommend that you one click and I really hope that you ll enjoy this one as much as I did UK CA AUS BN Kobo iBooks

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