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Ss the nation And uid pro uo practiced within the mortgage industry between its brokers and wholesalers had reached the point of debaucheryDispatched to Midstreet Financial in Manhattan NYPD Inspector Michael Halloway encounters than just the mutilated body of Gemma Woodrow At first the murder appears to be a sexual assault But after the autopsy he learns that she was already dead when the assailant perforated her flesh with an unknown object Assuming that the murder was staged he searches for the reason why Julian Regis the fashionable owner of First Miami Bank Mortgage is Halloway's prime suspect Another person of interest is Alexa.

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Moral Hazard

Moral Hazard combines murder mystery with the frenzy of Wall Street during a financial crisis unlike the world has ever seen Fortunes raised over the years had reached their crest and were now plummeting to daily new lows The game of greed once touted by Wall Street as good had become the game of risk camouflaged beneath ethical conduct for the sake of its shareholders Members of the uber rich able to retain their anonymity while enjoying immense wealth without conseuence lived as kings of the world During this time subprime defaults spread like contagion through investment banks resulting in home foreclosures in every community acro.

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Nder Sjworsky a lead sales rep who purchases mortgages for Midstreet Financial where Gemma worked When Julian becomes the target of Halloway's wild justice Alex stumbles across documents regarding foreclosures concealed from public view With Alex's collaboration Halloway obtains information on Julian But what they discover as they dig deeper could cost them their jobs and even their lives Thinking he had put his demons to rest Halloway feels them clawing to be released seeking to destroy his soul as he sinks deeper into Julian's dissolute worldMoney schemes murder and moral dilemma produce a sexy thriller both passionate and intrigui.

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    New York City homicide detective investigates Wall Street murders and becomes personally involved with victims and the killer Writing is a little rough in places but the plot and characters are pretty good Kindle book L