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Like Gravity

Her breaking point For the first time in fifteen years she will confront both her grief and her memories as she plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with an unforeseen enemy Because sometimes the demons we must confront aren’t only on the insideLike Gravity is a new full length standalone romantic suspense novel intended for audiences ages. DNF at 27%This book had nothing you have not read a million times before The h had a traumatic experience as a child that caused her to shut herself off from the world Despite being an introvert she has a bubbly social and slutty BF They met in kindergarten when the BF proclaimed that they would be friendsThe h does not date or wear a lot of makeup or dress really girly Of course this means the BF is always forcing her to dress in the BF s slutty clothes go out date guys etc The H is the very poplar lead singer of a band campus man whore docuhebag extraordinaire From the moment he meets the h their interactions involve the H being cocky about his charm and good looks while the h pretends she is not affected but secretly she is in lust What follows is cringe worthy dialogue of him hitting on her and the h being her snarkysassy self I ask how many times have you read this in other books For me it has been too many times I wish authors would put effort in their stories instead of recycling the same tired materials to make a uick buck Before I end this review I want to mention something that infuriated me The h sees her mother shot and killed when she is a kid This is so traumatic she stops talking for a few months According to the story she went to several counselors who forced her to talk about her experience and then became angry when she would not say anything There is no way that counselors would behave this way They are specifically trained to handle children that have selective mutism as a result of trauma This is yet another example of how this author put very little thought when writing this story I was also upset that the h treated her childhood trauma like it had just happened You are not going to experience a childhood trauma at that intensity and freuency when you are in your 20s I hate it when a character that has experienced something bad makes everything about that event and acts like no one understands their pain bc they are so different and special Gimme a BREAK

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Man and the lead singer of a local band she’s unprepared for his persistence in befriending her and for the dangerous attraction she begins to feel for him Because with Finn she knows it would be than just sex More than just friendship And maybe even than just love When a sinister presence from her past reemerges Brooklyn will be pushed to. Wowwhat a pleasant surprise this book was The twist I didn t fully see coming and I loved it

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Twenty year old Brooklyn “Bee” Turner is no stranger to grief After witnessing her mother’s brutal murder at age six Brooklyn is guarded damaged and – by all accounts – a bitch And that’s just the way she likes it if it means keeping everyone at arm’s length When she stumbles uite literally into Finn Chambers – campus ladies’. 45 Gravitating StarsLove discovering a new book from a new authorI really loved this oneit was fairly typicalpredicable for the NAMA genre but did have a few twists It also had the suspense element that isn t often found I will say I figured most of the twists out but I still enjoyed the unfolding of the story just the same This was very well written for a first time author Brooklyn Turner was no stranger to grief After witnessing the murder of her mother at the age of six she closed herself off to her feelings to her friends to the worldresigning herself to a life of being alone Refusing to let anyone in and pushing away anyone who gets too close Grief is a kick in the chest It steals your breath hits you so hard you think you ll never stand back up again And it s not just because you re grieving death or heartbreak or loss you re grieving change You re grieving the life that might have been if it hadn t all gotten fucked up along the way The prologue immediately sucks you in to the story Through a series of flashbacks we experience what happened to Brooke 14 years prior and the days leading up to current day My heart broke for what Brooklyn experienced with the death of her mom Current day takes place during Brooklyn s sopho year of college She s attending UVA with her BFF Lexi On the first day of her sopho year she stumbles upon literally Finn Chambers Finn is the campus ladies man lead singer of a band resident tattooed bad boy Finn and Brooklyn kind of had a love hate relationship within each other But bottomlineFinnAnd swoon worthy I had a mad crush on Finn I also loved that it wasn t insta love between Finn and Brooklyn Slowly Brooklyn begins to see that Finn is different Finn see s past all of Brooklyn s boundaries He fights past all of the walls Brooklyn has put up He makes Brooklyn feel againto want to move past the grief that s been weighing her down for the last 14 years There s something familiar and comforting about being with Finn And for the first time in fourteen years Brooklyn opens up her heart and allows herself to love Finn The last 20%the suspense level really picked upDamn I couldn t stop reading it It s like I saw it all coming from a mile awayI m screaming NNNNOOOO and yet it s still all happening and I HAVE to know how it s going to end Overall this was a really touching heart warming read About over coming a tragedy and finding love in the process I laughed I loved and I cried

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    This book This book It's so so good it hurts “Since the second you woke up in my arms on the sidewalk that day it was only a matter of time until we got here to this moment We were inevitable You know it I know it” What would you do if your mother was murdered in front of you and you were the reason the man

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    EEEEEK LIKE GRAVITY HAS A BEAUTIFUL NEW COVER So this is my book Woohoo I just want to tell you guys that when I first published it I was so nervous I pretty much felt like this for a solid weekOkay okayand maybe a little bit like this tooBut now that I've heard from all of you lovely reviewers and read your wonderful words of encouragemen

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    45 Gravitating StarsLove discovering a new book from a new authorI really loved this oneit was fairly typicalpredicable fo

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    Like Gravity is one of this stories that pull you into the plot and never let you go You are prisoned by amazingly well written story

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    Wowwhat a pleasant surprise this book was The twist I didn't fully see coming and I loved it

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review Like Gravity is easily one of my favorite books of the year 5 stars for this debut novel from Julie Johnson It was that phenomenal Ms Johnson’s writing style is so descrip

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    POSSIBLE SPOILERS PRESENT WITHIN REVIEWThis novel was amazing I was so disappointed when it was overit was that good But for once a stand alone that ends so perfectly I just loved the two main characters that Ms

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    WowThat was amazingThis book blew me away I mean I knew it was a good book otherwise I wouldn’t have started it But I didn’t know it was that goodAnd the writing Oh god the writing It was just –it wasFreaking beautifulThere was a scene I think in chapter ten or eleven that was so intense so passionate and so beautiful that i

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    DNF at 27%This book had nothing you have not read a million times before The h had a traumatic experience as a child that

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    Rating Clarification 45 StarsYes it was cheesy and predictable but it was exactly what I was looking for and I loved every minute of it

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