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Twelve year old Tess McClain discovers a cryptic letter in her school bag Is her life in danger or is she just the victim of a school yard joke Tess convinces her twin brother Zeek and best friend Annya to help her search for answers Their investigation leads to the mysterious Pneuma the mythical planets of Shameh and Eremos the terrifying Darkness and the stunning El Shaddai When the riddle is so.

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Destined Warriors

Lved Tess Annya and Zeek are confronted with a choice one that will affect their lives for all eternity Do they accept what they have learned as the truth or do they reject it as nothing but lies Destined Warriors uses the imaginative world to reveal the reality that their eternal destination is determined by the acceptance or rejection of God s truths Readers from Christian and non Christian back.

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Grounds will see the supernatural world meet the intangible God glance into eternity and witness Jesus life changing sacrifice They will identify with the friendships peer group pressures rejection fears doubts and failures faced by the main characters By the end of their journey the reader may be closer to discovering for themselves the answer to the uestion is the bible real or just a fairy tale.

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    Unlike many people I know I consider allegory and fantasy to be different — cousins but not twins I love a good fantasy but I cordially dislike allegory So consider this fair warning I don’t understand why some people like The Pilgrim’s Progress so passionately It’s too serious too plainly didactic It’s like an undressed parable It’s been stripped of the cloak of mystery that a parable wraps around itself it’s been

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    From our CALEB reviewersThe story line of Destined Warriors centres on the unseen spiritual worlds that we live in and emphasizes in graphic detail the battle between good and evilTess and her best friend Annya along with Tess’ twin brother Zeek find themselves caught up in spiritual dimension and another world as they search f

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