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    A storyline that centers around the fake relationship trope An uptight French billionaire banker H gets himself in

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    DNF This book is boring and that makes me sad because I used to love this author's book in the past but her rece

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    Not a great readThis was pretty cheesy I had to look at the author a couple of times just to make sure it was Julia James And at the year it was written It reminded me of the HPs I read long long ago It wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either It was just okay The hero was such a downer to me judging women based on their income If

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    I am sad to say that this book does not have the “WOW” factor It’s just mehI dragged myself through it The h and H d

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    25 stars Ok read nothing special

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    This book is so dull Ms James what happened?? Your books are usually good

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    This one is a real keeper I loved Tara and Marc and I was crazy about the luxurious setting and the supporting

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    Actual Rating 35 Stars See the full review at HarleuinJunkiecomBillionaire’s Mediterranean Proposal had all the hallmarks of a cla

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    Tara wants to retire from modelling and live in her grandparents's cottage Enter Marc a French bankerHe hires Tara to be his pretend girlfriend

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    I'm about 13 through and the verbiage makes this story seem like a Historical story ‘I merely need my guest to bedisabusedof any expectations she may have of me’ His voice was fulsome and there might well be relief in it as if trying to bend her to his implacable will But I was young then A stripling It was calf love nothing than that and that’s why it hit me so hard Amongst others A couple of these odd turns of phrase and i

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Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Julia James

Or show until the C™te d’Azur rumor mill leaves the world convinced they’re engaged Resisting Marc’s infuriatingly addictive charm was hard enough before but becoming his fiancée. I am sad to say that this book does not have the WOW factor It s just mehI dragged myself through it The h and H did not impress The dialogue was waaay too forma to the point of being annoying I just didn t connect with the main characters Even the protagonist Celine was just blah Not a winner for me Save your money for a better book

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Billionaires Mediterranean Proposal

Pushes their desire to new heights Now Tara’s so deep in their Mediterranean fantasy dare she believe it could ever be Step into the billionaire and his fake fiancée’s glamorous wor. This one is a real keeper I loved Tara and Marc and I was crazy about the luxurious setting and the supporting characters The writing is not only fresh and sexy some of it is downright poetic Tara caressing her pregnant belly and feeling at one with the flowers and the birds and the bees This story really has everything I look for in a romance Julia James delivers excellence consistently and that s something very few HP authors can say Looking at you CC

Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Julia James

His proposal is pure convenience Their desire is anything butTo convince everyone he’s off limits Tara Mackenzie agrees to pose as billionaire Marc Derenz’s girlfriend It’s purely f. A storyline that centers around the fake relationship trope An uptight French billionaire banker H gets himself into a bind when his elderly mentor s skanky young gold digging wife sets her sights on seducing him His solution to hire a beautiful model the heroine as his fake girlfriend I m not a big fan of Julia James novels In fact I ve probably only enjoyed about 3 or 4 of her books and those had been her older romances I didn t have high hopes for this book In fact when it comes to this authorSo I was pleasantly surprised to find myself being entertained by the snarky fun and OTT drama that unfoldedWhat I enjoyed1 The MC s thorny relationship Marc and Tara are desperately attracted to each other but determined to fight it because he s paying her 10 000s to play the role of doting fiancee 2 The skanky wannabe OW Celine reminded me of the deliciously nasty hagbitches in vintage harleuins who never took plain hints that the H despised their trampglorious mercenary selves Celine was utterly shameless throwing herself at Marc right in front of her oblivious husband Hans3 The heroine was spunky and feisty Tara had been in one failed relationship before with a man who had only wanted a trophy model girlfriend All she wanted was to save 10 000 pounds to renovate her country cottage retire from modelling and maybe find a nice rural vet or farmer to marry4 She didn t take crap from anyone especially the wannabe OW Celine There were a few very funny and entertaining scenes where Tara totally put Celine in her place The best part was that she did it in a classy and polite manner That s a refreshing change because the stereotypical OW usually gets the upper hand in HPlandia until the very end when the H declares his love for the heroineThis is the H MarcThis is the heroine TaraThe MC s romance didn t actually start until the midpoint of the story after the wannabe OW had been routed and despatched It s only from this point that Marc becomes likable Nevertheless in the tradition of most of Julia James heroes he sticks to the script and keeps the relationship strictly sexualThe poor heroine falls in love first and makes the mistake of hinting that she d like from the relationship This ruins their idyllic vacation romance in the south of France and he insults her by leaving a necklace on the bedside table the traditional gift that rich alpha males use to dump a mistress who s no longer in favourSurprisingly there s a lot drama to follow 1 A surprise pregnancy 2 A major misunderstanding leading the H to think that she s going to marry Hans 3 Some stilted hostile interaction between the MC s both of whom are suffering from the misconception that their love is unreuited 4 A dramatic scene where Hans lets Marc know that he s an idiotic dumbass 5 A sweet grovelling scene where the H begs her forgiveness and explains why he s been unable to trust women She forgives him after a cute tearful reunion and true love wins out in the end The epilogue was lovely and it made it easier for me to give this an averagegood rating of three stars The MC s have a baby son and are planning for hopefully a daughter It s not my ideal type of romantic storyline but it definitely entertained me and made me laugh a little I also applauded the fact that Hans divorced the skanky adulterous Celine and married a nice refined lady closer to his age Safety No OM a wannabe OW no cheating and both MC s are celibate during their very short couple months separation The H despised the OW and had never been in a relationship with her