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Breast Left Unsaid A True and Uncensored Story of Survival is one woman's 18 month memoir recounting the days when her life became a self described Category 5 Hurricane Imagine it you're in the midst of a heart wrenching divorce your best friend in the world has just passed away both of your parents are seriously ill and then the final bomb gets dropped You have breast cancer In the author's typical irreverent and unapologetic manner she picks herself up after yelling generally despairing and breaking things and begins on what readers have described as an arresting boldly trut

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Ling breast cancer is to hopefully make the struggle that anyone is going through; whether its cancer or some other gigantic crisis invading your life a little easier to reconcile As cliché as it sounds it does help to know you're not alone If I can offer insight or with any luck a laugh to even one person dealing with this mess I will be satisfiedBreast Left Unsaid is a surprising humorous and unvarnished diary of one woman's survival that is a must read for anyone who has ever had reason to ask Can this possibly get any worse Because the answer is yes; and then it gets bett

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Hful poignant and often hilarious journey of discovery and hope The friends family doctors and perfect strangers we meet along the way in this well paced and fascinating book are people we would like to know or hope that we have somewhere in our own livesI didn't know it at the time but while I was living through this abysmal period in my life Breast Left Unsaid was writing itself” Jude shares I felt like I was on a mission to move everyone past the awareness of this disease to understand in real terms how our lives are impacted My main motivation now because I am still batt

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  • 09 January 2017
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wwwbreastleftunsaidcom and looks forward to your feedback She thanks you for buying her book and wants you to know that a percentage of the proceeds will go toward medical research focused on a cure for breast cancer and other diseases affecting her family

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    Glad this was writtenThis book was a slam dunk when I went shopping I wanted something written by or about a woman experiencing breast cancer and this one had the highest rating She did a great job of explaining

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