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SUMMARY Deadly Secret

Unaware she possesses a deadly secret Jana Sutherland returns to the Bay Area after medical school and finds her uiet hometown has become dangerous and corrupt A stranger blames Jana for the suffering and insists she relive the past and undo a critical mistake Jana rejects the idea of time trav.

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Deadly Secret

El Instead she turns to an old friend Nate a cop she knows to be honest Nate is not only battling organized crime dirty money and cold blooded murder he is also still fighting his feelings for Jana the woman he loves and lost to his best friend Together Jana and Nate pursue his dead partner's k.

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Iller and as the danger escalates so does their passion His murder leaves Jana devastated Hunted by crooked cops and the killer how can she change history to save the man she lovesDeadly Secret is the initial offering in a series of novels by Joy Brighton Watch for Deadly Magic due out next fal.

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    An emergency room doctor and a cop are forced to solve a Deadly Secret involving murder and paranormal elements The pace is relentless the paranormal aspect is uniue and intelligently written and we're given a few nasty surprises along with some very nice eroticism Well done Ms Brighton Looking forward to the nex

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