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Is For Activism examines the transformation of politics through digital media including digital television online social networking and mobile computingJoss Hands maps out how political relationships have been reconfigured and new modes of cooperation deliberation and repr

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 is for Activism

As an original perspective on networks and political change He includes many case studies including the anti war and global justice movements peer production user created TV and 'Twitter' activism is For Activism is essential for activists and students of politics and med

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Esentation have emerged This analysis is applied to the organisation and practice of alternative politics showing how they have developed and embraced the new political and technological environmentHands offers a comprehensive critical survey of existing literature as well

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    I'm still reading this one but I think learning how the Internet can be used for activism is fascinating and relevant in our politically charged conflict ridden worldThis book explains the role that the Internet can have in protest dissent resistance and rebellion Of what I've read the most interesting part fo

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    Hands has many interesting contributions to make to the study of social media and activism but so many of them are cased in bizarre takes on democracy being bad sometimes and confusing rambling chapters on philosophy that any semblance of a point is almost completely lost

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    Very very dry prose

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