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Suits Where are they taking him And how can Tim get him backTim and Grk's eighth amazing adventure takes them to the home of pizza p.

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Grk and the Phoney Macaroni

Asta and the leaning tower of Pisa There they meet the Duke of Macaroni a man with a terrible secret which he will do anything to hid.

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Dognapped Grk is walking happily through the park sniffing trees and chasing suirrels when he's suddenly snatched by two men in black.

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    Children's books set in Rome Assolutamente autentico in RomaAuthor Joshua Doder or is it Josh Lacey? takes his little hero Tim and sidekick dog Grk around the world A hapless but determined couple they solve some of the most entrenched crimes from Rome where this book is mainly set to Paris Brazil and several eually exotic destinati