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Ncased in the Harding Home on the eve of the president's ill fated trip to Alaska Dare to visit the Mongoloid House or see what goes bump at the empty downtown YMCA Revisit Marion's urban legends and discover little known ghouls that deserve to be heard

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Haunted Marion Ohio

Rich in history and steeped in blue collar values Marion Ohio is much like any midwestern city aside from its abundance of ghouls and unexplained phenomena From well known landmarks like the mysterious Merchant Ball to largely forgotten locales like the

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Uarry Street Cemetery Joshua Simpkins of Spookymarioncom takes readers on a delightful journey through Marion's bizarre history and hauntings Was President Harding's death forecast by the First Lady's suawking finch its feathered form now stuffed and e

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    Whoa Marion Ohio has some spooky ghost stories Joshua Simpkins did a great job in capturing the stories and history of the locations in Mario