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ExcerptNo product finds so many and ample applications as color Nearly every trade reuires it for the decoration of its products so as to adapt them generally and pleasantly to the present demandsThe art of marbling is that branch of our trade in which color is brought into use for the decoration of bindings yet it has not found the desirable general introduction into our book binderies because practical men have not so intently employed their.


The Progress of the Marbling Art

Time and endeavors to overcome the difficulties which resist its general applicationWho could solve easier and correctly than the mechanics to whom these difficulties and obstacles offer themselves in practice He is the only one to find the remedy scientific men not possessing sufficient technical knowledge Only he is ready and able to stand up for such special trades to work and to fight for them who is himself interested and who not only le.

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Arned to understand the art of marbling from former instructions and traditions but from his own practical experienceTo him only will it be possible to gain by close4 study true points on which to further develop the whole subjectMy original plan was not only to remove the technical difficulties of the art of marbling but also to ascertain the correct colors from the mass at present manufactured for the purpose of manufacturing marbling colors.