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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Jojo Moyes a new book featuring her iconic heroine of Me Before You and After You Louisa ClarkLouisa Clark arrives in New York ready to start a new life confident that she can embrace this new adventure and keep her relationship with Ambulance Sam alive across several thousand miles She steps into the world of the superric. Do we really need this series to continue Whatever I ll still read it

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The treasure filled vintage clothing store where she actually feels at home And when matters come to a head she has to ask herself Who is Louisa Clark And how do you find the courage to follow your heart wherever that may leadFunny romantic and poignant Still Me follows Lou as she navigates how to stay true to herself while pushing to live boldly in her brave new worl. I knew this was the way to madness yet I couldn t stop myself This seemed to be the overall motto of the third and last book in this series and I still don t know if I liked it or not My feelings for Still Me are rather mixed yet I still found myself enjoying it somehow Which is probably a great testimony of Jojo Moyes easy writing style and the way she manages to capture her audience Still for me it s also proof of the fact that a book can t only live from its interesting characters and the authors writing skills The idea of Lou going to New York and working for the Gopniks sounded intriguing and even though she had to leave her new boyfriend in London I could still understand why she decided to do it This was something she needed to do in order to find herself and their relationship was so fresh that she was allowed to be a little selfish I mean it was only for a year and Sam couldn t expect her to give up her entire life They barely knew each other and life altering decisions shouldn t be made hastily let alone for someone you only just started to date So I did what every girl does when she s far from home and a little sad I ate half a packet of chocolate Digestives and called my mother Of course a long distance relationship is a challenge and not as easy as it seems I could relate to that part so much because I used to have long distance relationships when I was younger the last one of them actually turning out be my husband lol Anyway this part of the book was something familiar and something I understood the rest of the book Well let s say it kind of caught me off guard The Gopniks were a family I couldn t connect to and their life was a mystery to me I mean it was obvious that Agnes and Mr Gopnik loved each other yet they still didn t give each other an inch when it came to certain topics Yes Agnes felt isolated and the working hours of her husband certainly didn t help but she sometimes acted like a spoiled child and that clearly didn t make their situation any better Neither did Mr Gopniks daughter who used every single moment she spent in her father s company in order to make Agnes s life even miserable So whilst I could comprehend Agnes s actions I still think that she should have approached her troubles differently A WHOLE LOT DIFFERENTLY I mean who cares about what those women thought about her If she felt inappropriately dressed for the events she had to attend why the hell didn t she recruit a stylist Money obviously wasn t a problem and if you have a personal hair dresser coach and assistant already I m sure it s not that hard to get a proper stylist as well She would have automatically felt confident and comfortable and that would have had an effect on the people around her as well Also sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and hold your head high Well at least that s what I would have done along with giving them my best impression of the finger P Just saying You mustn t worry about me All this nonsense about women having it all We never could and we never shall Women always have to make the difficult choices But there is a great consolation in simply doing something you love So much to the Gopniks Anyway I really liked Lou s other friends in New York and Ashok as well as his wife Meena were the best Nathan was still an amazing friend and even grumpy Ilaria kind of grew on me lol The best surprise was Margot though and I really started to like that old hag Still the sudden change at about 50% of the book was something I just couldn t wrap my head around and all the problems that arose with it only left me with even uestion marks Which brings me right to the part I didn t like and which caused me to give this book only three stars I wanted this book to bring me some closure I wanted Lou to get her HEA I didn t even care if it s with Sam or with a new guy all I wanted for her was to be stupidly and madly in love and most importantly happy and I wanted no new topics to be opened but old ones to be closed And I didn t get any of those things which makes me feel all sorts of bitter and salty lol Okay we could argue about the HEA here but for me that ending just isn t satisfying I ve a love hate relationships with cliffhangers but what I really can t stand are open endings and this ending even though no real open ending still falls into that category for me And before I talk even in riddles here I ll just make a spoiler tag and write it all off my chest Be prepared to get an uncensored and pretty ranty opinion hereLou s love lifeview spoiler I think I needed a distraction from the loss of my sister I built a house so I didn t have to think I built a house because I needed to believe in the future But now it s done and I look around these empty rooms I feel nothing Maybe some pride that I actually finished the job but apart from that Nothing at all I MEAN WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK I can t accept this happy ending because for me it s no happy ending Is it realistic yes it is but after everything Lou went through I really wanted her to be all smiley and happy I wanted her to be swept away by love and to grin stupidly but obviously nothing of that happened Instead of being madly and stupidly in love she and Sam got back together and this after everything he did Which was pretty rotten if you ask me He always claimed there was nothing between Katie and him and yet he cheated on Lou when the opportunity arose Seriously Are you kidding me You were apart for what Three months and you couldn t wait for your girlfriend I hate to break this to you but if you missed the physical part of your relationship there is always your hand buddy Also they saw each other twice in those 3 months which is often than some other people that have long distance relationships ever get Three months and he couldn t even try to keep tiny Sam in his pants ADFLKASDFKLASDJFADLKSFJASDLKFJASDLKFJASDJL I would have been so mad if I d have been Lou and I m not sure I would have been able to forgive him for it Alone the fact that he made her think that she s just a jealous fury even though her doubt was justified Nope No Noho I would have rather preferred for Lou to meet another man instead of trying it with Sam again But okay it was Jojo s decision and I ve to accept that Joshua William Ryan the ThirdHe looked like Will he talked like Will and he seemed to work in the same job as him It s like Jojo Moyes wanted us to give Lou a second chance at Will but then decided against it because he turned out to be completely different than Will in the end And that s bullshit Either you give our girl her second chance with a guy like Will fate or you don t Why even bring him into this book if she was bound to leave him again Also I don t buy that he was totally different than Will That might sound harsh now but I m pretty sure Will was a lot like Josh before he had his accident He even said as much when they spoke about his former life in Me After You He was a bon viveur and he also kind of defined his life through his job The only difference between Will and Josh was that Will had his accident and started to see the important things of life He began to value the small things and the overall picture instead of certain points So in my opinion in dating Josh Lou actually dated Will before she got to know him It s only my opinion though and you re allowed to disagree with me I just think that Will was perfect for Lou because he changed after his accident and therefore didn t have a lot in common with the person he used to be before it hide spoiler

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H working for Leonard Gopnik and his much younger second wife Agnes Lou is determined to get the most out of the experience and throws herself into her new job and New York life As she begins to mix in New York high society Lou meets Joshua Ryan a man who brings with him a whisper of her past Before long Lou finds herself torn between Fifth Avenue where she works and. Hello again Louisa Clark NEW YORK NEW YORK Books teach you empathy I enjoyed a lot reading this book since after three novels counting this one Louisa Clark is already a literary character that it s always a wonderful experience to read aboutLouisa Clark goes to her next phase in her life this time leaving her native England to go to work at New York She has to leave her family her friends and her boyfriend Ambulance Sam only Nathan is with her since it was him who helped her to get the job as personal assistant of the new wife of a very important and rich man living at the famous Fifth Avenue but you will get to know several places around the city that never sleeps becoming another resident there as well as LouJojo s narrative which turn into the very voice and thoughts of Louisa take us to New York in a way that you can watch each building you can feel each street you can taste each weatherSomething that I love about Jojo Moyes books at least Louisa Clark s saga that you learn empathy as the chosen uote clearly indicates since you never has to rush to conclusions about the people that you meet the same as in the first book and the second one too characters that maybe get your nerves you need to be patient since you never know how relevant an unexpected character can be for the fate of Louisa Clarkthe same as our own livesYou have to be true to yourself don t look for doing bad things on purpose to others never look for revenge keep your soul and heart clean and don t look for unnecesary enemies since life will give you enough unavoidable foes for helping to add others to the list even since life doesn t help you giving people white hats or black hats life isn t like an old western movie where isn t that hard to know who is good or bad out thereThere are people that it s easy to know that can be a valuable friendship for you but others won t be so easy to recognizebe cautious think before talk and always do what you think is right There s always something Lou keeps trying her best to do her tasks in the best possible way and certainly she will put to test when duty and righteousness will become one single mess not making easy to know how to act at certain timesAlso Lou will have to be strong about her own personality and the little things that made her like what truly is and don t betray herself Only Louisa Clark can be Louisa Clark and the literary world would be a sad place without her In the same way only you can be you in our world so don t make changes in your very foundation of what makes you youMoreover beside to learn about the new life of Lou in New York you ll be able to learn about the Clark family and the Traynors too After three books counting this one they re like part of our own family too since it has been uite a journey since we meet for the first time to Lou when she was fired from the coffee shop never imagining all the stuff that she ll do from then on and all the incredible people that will get into Lou s lifeFor better or worse always modeling into unexpected levels the life of our Lou Your life it s never uite is it love Thank you Jojo for giving us once again Lou and being able to walk side by side with her for a third time

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    Do we really need this series to continue? Whatever I'll still read it

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    375 starsTwo books post game changer and I have to wonder would any follow up to Me Before You be impressive enough to rival the thought provoking circumstances or raw emotion Louisa and Will's story evoked from the masses? At this point I think not The takeaway here—some things should be left to stand on their ownWhy Jojo Moyes felt compelled to take a story as emotionally charged as Me Before You and drag it out to a trilogy I’ll n

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    I think at some point dear you're going to have to work out who Louisa Clark isI don't think there needed to be a trilogy I really don't Let me start by saying I LOVED LOVED LOVED Me Before you It literally blew me away I

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    WHY AM I JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS?? MORE LOU? HELL YEAHEDITSo Hallelujah I finally finished this book I've been so busy lately and had so little time left for reading but I did it Do I think we needed a third book? Hon

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    Hello again Louisa Clark NEW YORK NEW YORK Books teach you empathy I enjoyed a lot reading this book since after three novels counting this one Louisa Clark is already a literary character that it’s always a wonderful experience to read aboutLouisa Clark goes to her next phase in her life this time leaving her native England to go to work at New York She has to leave her family her friends and her boyfriend Ambulance Sam only

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    I absolutely loved Me Before You and After You so I was delighted to read the first chapter of Still Me Reading about Louisa is like meeting an old friend I was hooked from the first sentence and can't wait to read the rest of the book It was lovely to find out that she is in New York starting a new job and sti

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    We who travelled far from home would always have our hearts in two places I was so pleasantly surprised by this

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    Few people can leave me emotionally jumbled uite like Jojo Moyes can The first book of hers I read Me Before You literally had me ugly crying and I'll admit a healthy sob or two while reading its seuel After You Even one of Moyes' standalone books The Girl You Left Behind left me puffy eyedNow Louisa Clark returns in a third book Still Me While not as sob inducing as the first two Moyes still knows how to play my feeling

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    ”I knew this was the way to madness yet I couldn’t stop myself”This seemed to be the overall motto of the third and last book

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    I am a Louisa Clark fanI have enjoyed all three books in this series and I wish Louisa was a personal friend of mine Following her ups and downs and all the things she learns along the way is a real treat Each book she brings something along from the previous books but each book also stands on its ownI will sa

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