[PDF/EPUB] Knuckleheads in the News BY John Machay

Summary Knuckleheads in the News

Knuckleheads in the News

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UPHere is a hilarious collection that catches real life knuckleheads in outrageous acts of brazen stupidity giving new meaning to that famous four letter word DUH The Oregon resident who was waxing his 1984 Pontiac and somehow managed to shove the antenna up his nose GRANDMOTHER OF EIGHT MAKES HO

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Couldn't stand the discomfort of having a callus on her right foot so she blew off her big toe with a shotgun Radio personality John Kato Machay's lively compilation of news stories headlines and courtroom gaffes proves hands down that truth is dumber than fictionREMEMBER To err may be human but to laugh out loud is divi

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LE IN ONE The Atlanta Braves pitcher who was treated for five inch long welts after he tried to iron his polo shirt while wearing it MINERS REFUSE TO WORK AFTER DEATH The inmate at a Chesapeake Correctional Facility who filed a five million dollar lawsuit against himself DRUNK GETS NINE MONTHS IN VIOLIN CASE The woman who

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    You really can't make the stuff up in this book Tales of the idiotic Tales of the stupid This book came out at the height of WPLJ's Scott Todd in the morning when they did phone scams occasionally so they were all high uali

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