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Kalvan Kingmaker is the 3rd in the Kalvan Saga after H Beam Piper's groundbreaking parallel world's SF novel Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen and the seuel Great Kings' War by John F Carr and Roland Green The Paratime Police patrol an infinity of alternate earths Their prime directive is to protect the Paratime Secret thereby keeping this infinity of worlds from mixing and destroying each other or from learning the parasitical Home Time Line is secretly looting their resourcesWhen Penn State Policeman Calvin Morrison is accidentally dropped off from a cross time conveyer onto Styphon's House Subsector he threatens bo.

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Kalvan Kingmaker Kalvan #3

Th the Paratime Secret and leadership of the gunpowder theocracy who owe their power to their secret knowledge of the fireseed formula In just a few weeks by the use of his knowledge of military strategy Kalvan saves the small princedom of Hostigos from an invasion orchestrated by Styphon's HouseKalvan Kingmaker opens right after Kalvan's decisive victory over the Holy Host of Styphon With Great King Kaiphranos of Hos Harphax in mourning over his eldest son's death the time is ripe for the Army of Hostigos to invade Harphax and topple the Iron Throne At the holy city of Balph the Inner Circle is reeling Archp.

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Riest Roxthar a rare true believer in Styphon is conducting a full blown inuisition of Styphon's corrupt upper priesthood Once his reformation is complete Roxthar's next job will to rebuild the Holy Host and defeat and destroy the Usurper KalvanMeanwhile there is a great migration of nomads across the Sea of Grass; they are the wild card As the nomads pour across the Great Middle River pushing the clans and tribes that live there into the Great Kingdoms the big uestion soon becomes Will Styphon's House be buried by the human wave or will they use the nomads in their war to the death with Kalvan and Hos Hostig.

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    GreatThis is a great series I loved following Lord Kelvin in his adventures Please keep writing Can't stop reading it

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    Don't waste your money on this boringggg book I loved the first Kalvan book and the second by the original author so much that I ordered both new e books as soon as I can But this one is so boring when nothing happens just and repetitive dialogs I can't even start on the last book

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    The further adventures of Kalvan I enjoy these books but they are not as well written as the original

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