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Children of the Thunder

D had made a fortune creating highly addictive designer drugs Sheila alone and unarmed had killed a Marine commando Roger a boarding school student ran a sex ring that catered to the most depraved tastes All of their offenses went unpunished And all of the cr review of John Brunner s Children of Thunder by tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE December 23 2013 This might be called Brunner s Demon Seed novel it centers around exceptionally successfully manipulative children I m reminded of the grim picture of children in the background of his Players at the Game of People 1980 see my review here of Anthony Burgess s A Clockwork Orange 1962 wch I ve read of John Wyndham s The Midwich Cuckoos 1957 filmed as Village of the Damned wch I probably haven t read but wch I might ve experienced in movie form As is typical of so many of my reviews of Brunner novels I find it difficult to write about wo spoiling the plot for interested readers However it s safe to uote from the 1st page s promotional excerpt Crystal Knight was thirteen and she didn t mind saying so to her johns To the police of course she indignantly claimed she was sixteen She knew there wasn t going to be any argument For some reason she couldn t fathom she d grown very good at persuading people to do as she wanted Not long after she embarked on her career she d even talked a drunk sadistic john out of slashing her with a knife and into turning it on himself For the rest of her life she would be able to visualize again that sualid room that rumpled bed liter after liter of blood spewing out so red so red This is the 1st post AIDS Brunner novel I ve read its copyright date is 1988 AIDS has a substantial presence Yet another group of famine desperate black refugees had penetrated the cordon sanitaire the South Africans maintained along their northern border and duly been shot down on the grounds they were biological warfare vectors There was no doubt who was going to win this particular war of attrition the Afrikaners like other wealthy advanced nations had the AIDS vaccine while their opponents just had AIDS p 11 As w Brunner s groundbreaking The Sheep Look Up see my review here humans are destroying the planet in short order the children may be a reaction against this or a major contribution to it In Brunner s future email is here but voice mail isn t he remembered he had checked neither his answering machine nor his email p 21 Maybe email would be interesting His modem still being up he entered his net code and dumped the contents of his mailbox into local memory p 22 The rest was junk mail Thank goodness they d been forced to abandon the idea of billing users for incoming messages p 22 Some day he was going to buy one of those new gadgets that wiped junk automatically unless countermanded p 22 There s also Minitel wch I 1st read of in a bk about French artist ORLAN see my review here Admittedly it would be a lot fun to log on to Minitel he understood French pretty well and spend a while with AMY or AMANDINE or one of the other erotica service the like of which had never been permitted in Britain although they thrived across the Channel p 23 The dismal presence of the Reagan era fundamentalism plays a major background role At first they related to attempts by fundamentalists to take over major centers of American education using the vast monetary leverage they had accumulated as the millennium approached and the faithful grew less and less confident that the Rapture would save them seven years before the onset of Armageddon pp 58 59 The funders moved in with an offer of a million dollar endowment for a department of creation science she made the uote marks audible on condition that funding for my sabbatical was withdrawn and my tenure cancelled Can they do that I thought once you had tenure p 105 Can they do that Ask political conceptual artist Adrian Piper For her refusal to return to the United States while listed as a Suspicious Traveler on the US Transportation Security Administration s Watch List Wellesley College forcibly terminated her tenured full professorship in philosophy in 2008 The reader is warned against secret police computer censorship And even as he pursed his lips the lines on the screen wiggled into illegibility for a moment then reformed as garbage He jumped to his feet abruptly furious The bastards The bastards He recognized the warning Special Branch or SIS or whichever there wasn t much distinction between the various British police agencies any longer had been prompt to obey Big Brother at Langley Here were data the ordinary citizen of the UK was not supposed to access p 59 While I certainly found this Brunner to be stimulating like that it s the longest of his bks that I ve read yet I usually like long as an opportunity for greater detail to develop it was alas entirely too predictable When I got to who knew so much about advances in modern science and had suggested that Constanza visit England where doctors were making amazing new discoveries in the field of infertility The treatment had been like a miracle Within a month or her return she had come smiling to him to report her pregnancy p 92 I wrote a note to myself Exactly the explanation I ve been waiting for In other words none of the big surprises were a surprise at all Since I think some of these revelations are pretty obvious from the get go I don t feel like I m spoiling by uoting another crucial part Not one of them is the natural child of his or her ostensible father They were all conceived by artinsem Or as you may have known it before its initials clashed with a well known disease AID p 131 HOWEVER I stop there There s one other uote that I cd add that clinched the predictability of it all it s very tempting to uote it but that really wd be spoiling it Brunner has the potentially sympathetic characters ultimately compromised in ways that make them unsympathetic even the investigative reporter comes down uite a few notches bc of his neglect of his daughter An Italian farmer who might be initially admirable is shown to be an intolerant violent despot And lately it had emerged that for some reason to do with fertilizers or other chemicals or some such kind of modern aids to husbandry which Renato had enthusiastically adopted under Fabio s guidance the buyer from Genoa whose firm had for half a century purchased olive oil from the Tessolari estate at an advantageous price had this year offered to the cooperative on the grounds that theirs could be exported to the health conscious USA as organically grown This was of course an affront not to be tolerated p 95 The construction of the Channel Tunnel or Chunnel wd ve just started when this bk was written even tho it was conceived of as early as 1802 didn t get finished until 1994 5 yrs after this was published Here doubt had been cast on the viability of the Chunnel by a psychiatrist who had carried out tests at the Fr jus runnel under the Alps on a group of long distance lorry drivers normally supposed to be a stolid bunch A third of them had declined to complete the four successive runs that he had asked of them because they had developed claustrophobia p 103 The success of the manipulation of the children ties in w the onset of puberty In the case of the girls their menstrual cycle effects it Later to Matthew and Doreen s horror the police confiscated the contents of the drawer in Tracy s bedside table calling them stolen goods Yet when the case came to court it was the other girls who were reprimanded and put on probation and ordered to return everything to the defiant Tracy still wearing plaster on her many wounds That though was in the middle of her month It was her greatest triumph so far In between wheedling her parents around to the view that she absolutely must move to a different school which wasn t hard she savored the discovery that her magic could be made to work on adults too Provided of course the time was right p 111 Each chapter begins w an italicized TV news report text that sets the mood for the chaos for the rise to political power of a race baiting ultra militarist figure Many claim they were beaten up because they weren t wearing the red white and blue ribbons lately adopted by supporters of General Thrower p 121 Of course some of the news is faked one character calls out another for doing this The first time a hoax like that was pulled as I recall was during the Spanish American War p 165 That one was William Randolph Hearst s baby Much of the dystopia in the novel reflects what were then current events in the US In 1985 President Reagan visited a cemetery near Bitburg in Germany to honor dead German soldiers as a diplomatic move to indicate that Germany the US were now allies who had left their enemy past behind Unfortunately many of the soldiers thus honored were SS the elite of the genocidal nazi forces Speaking in West Germany at a rally organized by descendants of servicemen who dies in World War II General Sir Hampton Thrower praised the valiant spirit of the fallen p 199 Wo giving away the page number there s one uote that I can give wch doesn t exactly spoil anything wch does sum up nicely a philosophical thread We cannot afford the luxury known as a conscience The enemy we are up against certainly doesn t have one so we are obliged to be absolutely rational

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Science writer Peter Levin sensed a major story behind Claudia Moriss's research into juvenile deliuency For the American sociologist had uncovered a disturbing pattern of crimes that were unusual even in the rapidly deteriorating society of 1990s BritainDavi Another hugely compelling dystopian novel by John Brunner who I was introduced to via the very impressive The Sheep Look Up This story has a similar background of greedy companies and xenophobic governments destroying the world one scandal and environmental disaster at a time presented in short news clips However the central plot is focused on a journalist and a researcher trying to verify stories of children with mysterious powers in an increasingly totalitarian and racist BritainI found this as hard to put down as The Sheep Look Up but the payoff was not as satisfying to me It s rather open ended as with The Sheep Look Up but the paths of the main characters are prescribed A sort of twist at the end is highly obvious in retrospect but also didn t feel particularly interesting to me or very relevant to the themes the story had been examining Ultimately I feel like there was a degree of conflict between the personal story Brunner wanted to tell of the main characters and the wider environmental story he wanted to tell about the world which left both a little underserved An enjoyable read but I don t think it ll stick with me in the same way as The Sheep Look Up

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Iminals were barely fourteen years oldAs Claudia's research turned up further cases Peter realized they were on to much than just a story For these children were either the last hope for Mankind's survivalor the beginning of the end of what it meant to be hum Another one that stuck in my head without title attached I wish it hadn t

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  • 03 October 2019
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About the Author: John Brunner

John Brunner was born in Preston Crowmarsh near Wallingford in Oxfordshire and went to school at St Andrew's Prep School Pangbourne then to Cheltenham College He wrote his first novel Galactic Storm at 17 and published it under the pen name Gill Hunt but he did not start writing full time until 1958 He served as an officer in the Royal Air Force from 1953 to 1955 and married Marjorie Ro

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    Children of the Thunder is a science fiction novel by John BrunnerJohn Brunner has written a really wonderful book 'THE SHEEP LOOK UP' that I should probably re read This book came close but not uite to the despondency that Earth is supposed to face in the presentnear futureThere is developing computers in this book and w

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    Another hugely compelling dystopian novel by John Brunner who I was introduced to via the very impressive The Sheep Look Up This story has a similar background of greedy companies and xenophobic governments destroying the world one scandal and environmental disaster at a time presented in short news clips However the cent

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    I wasn't uite here for the hypersexual children and the raping

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    review of John Brunner's Children of Thunder by tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE December 23 2013 This might be called Brunner's 'Demon Seed' novel it

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    Recently found this in a charity shop it's not one of Brunner's best but I kept reading because of his remarkable prescience on the political climate of today OK he didn't have the same prescience on technology no smart phones dial up modems etc But The background to this story set in the UK in the 1990's is so relevant

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    In many ways typical dystopic Brunner However I was surprised and saddened at how accurate his description of Eng

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    It's uite slow to build and the formatting often left me confused about the perspective changes But it's a fascinating look at the world of today written 30 years ago It's also uite disturbing in places and because of the repeated perspective switches and a fairly jumble voice it's sometimes hard to separate the actions and beliefs of the characters from the overall voice of the book

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    This is really very insightful; amazing really how many things Brunner got right Another one where it should be reuired reading just so people can make thoughtful choices What I didn't find was characters to like a

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    Another one that stuck in my head without title attached I wish it hadn't

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    This book was very slow at the beginning middle and end but still had ideas that struck an eerie chord with today's societal problems Creepy ending but not surprising or engaging enough

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