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Is eually determined to get at the truth beneath this man's steely exterior That means letting herself get close to the Lord of the Manor once And it's exactly where Jesse wants her within touching distanc I don t know if there was a deep hidden message in this book you know some kind of deep meaning that I didn t get But if there were I could only come to the conclusion that my brain isn t developed enough to comprehend the value of itLet me tell you what I do know I now know why the author chose the name Beneath this man and it s because this story is about a man walking all over a girl s life self esteem and dignity and ripping every ounce of rational thought out of her head and I don t mean it in the good way This woman has literally put her life beneath her feelings for this man a man that deserves nothing else but to be left to rot in a pile of flesh eating bugsEven though this book is completely plotless and filled with crappy dialogues there is a great variety when it comes to humiliation and abuse At the very beginning of the series we have this girl who is portrayed to be relatively normal you know she is young she is fairly successful in what she does Yes she is out of a bad relationship but haven t we all been like that at some point Then this guy comes along and smashes everything for her He literally takes her life away from her by dickmatizing her he makes her a slave to the cock girls and you know itBut it gets even better in Beneath this man He is literally telling her how she is supposed to live her life He wants her around him all the time so that he can fucking control every damn second of her life And if he were reading this he would simply say Watch your fucking mouth Now probably every girl on this planet loves the alpha male andor the bad boy Women just feel the need to be protected you know it s pretty natural and I accept it What I cannot accept however is how on earth is it possible for women to like this book altogether This is a book about a woman being ordered around told and forced what to do not about a woman who is loved And if you still think that you are about to read a love story you should simply get it out of your heads This is not love this is all about a girl becoming obsessed with a guy s dick And even though a lot of Jesse s actions are explained through his supposed love to Ava I cannot feel the love in the air What I feel is a woman s desperation to be with a person who is manipulating her with sex To be honest I was very happy when she somehow grasped it at one point but unfortunately this insight didn t last long I think that I could best describe this book by using the author s own words My sanity is certainly uestionable but I m sane enough to admit that I was a normal sound minded girl I definitely don t ualify for that any To sum it up no self respecting woman that is sane not under chemically induced coma or drugged should like this book Because liking this book automatically means that you would enjoy going through all of the shit described in this book Oh yeah and then rate it 5 stars

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Im was the only way Ava O'Shea could survive She should have known that Jesse Ward is impossible to escape and now he's back in her life determined to remind her of the sensual pleasures they had shared Ava I m on a Central Jesse Cloud Nine First of all since I haven t been able to put casting photos in my review of This Man I m gonna do it here soLadies and gentlemen give it up for the one and only The Lord of The Sex Manor JESSE FVCKIN WARD I didn t think Jesse Ward can be crazy but in Beneath This Man the guy introduced us to a whole new level of CUHRAZY It s bordering DELUSIONALI didn t know how I managed to finish this one when the entire time I was reading I was like thisI m so close to throwing and smashing things I see because this book is just UGH INFURIATINGHere s a breakdown of all the things that happened in this book Contains spoilers so read at your own risk Jesse is miserable and so is Ava Jesse asks her to stay in her life after 5 LOOOOONNNNGGGG DAYS of being apart she agreedAnd in no particular orderSappy emotional shit ie ILYs and I need you from Jesse and AvaAva having a lot of uestions for Jesse Jesse refuses to answerFvckingAva asking how old Jesse is the bastard plays guessing game A FVCKING GAINAva s pills went missing WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED Yelling A lot of angst FvckingAva swearingJesse WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTHFVCKING Jesse asking Ava who s in control and all that shitJesse bullying Ava into saying YES to whatever he wants Ava says YESAva s pills went missing againJesse asking Ava Are you pregnant or Are you eating for two As if we didn t know alreadySappy emotional talk again from both our MCsAva asking Jesse uestions about him Jesse nudges themAva using swear words MOUTHFVCKING RETRIBUTION FVCK Who s in control Ava YouWho do you need Ava You BLAH BLAH BLAHJesse tramplingOur MCs fighting again WATCH YOUR FVCKING MOUTHSense fvckEmotional talk Exchange of sweet words and all thatThis just keeps on repeating over and overAGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN I SWEAR IT S NEVER ENDING IT S HYSTERICAL OMG I WANNA SCREAM GIMME SOMETHING NEW But I didn t include the parts I did love in thereThis Man taught us the types of fvck Beneath This Man added few types namely Retribution fvckSense fvckandTruth fvck co Ava I really love this scene PAYBACK TIME MY THOUGHTS Is Jesse still the same Oh no He s worse He s crazy than ever And he messed up a LOT And oh we get to find out his REAL AGE Yeah right I found myself asking That s his age view spoiler The age difference isn t that big hide spoiler


Book 2 of the #1 New York Times bestselling This Man trilogyJesse Ward drowned her with his intensity and blindsided her with his passion but he kept her away from his dark secrets and broken soul Leaving h Warning spoilers aboundApparently I m a glutton for punishment Me and this booktrilogy are not friends Not at all It s like a train wreck I don t want to look but can t stop myselfOnly five short days have passed since Ava left Jesse and her entire world has ended She s depressed and having a meltdown reminiscing about her epic love you know her month long relationship with Jesse Of course this being only the second book it stands to reason that their separation won t last long and just like that they re back together Shocked Yeah neither am INot much has changed Jesse is still a domineering overly possessive control freaktimes infinity He s a stage five clinger He continually wants all of Ava s time and attention wanting her to spend every second with him all day every day She s a possession a toy that he refuses to share Nothing about this behavior is sexy It s scary Jesse is a psycho Watch your fucking mouth he yells Pot meet kettle Kettle meet pot Jesse treats Ava as if she were a misbehaving child Ava is a grown woman She doesn t need this man child correcting her language As usual however Jesse has absolutely no regard for Ava s feelings He does want he wants when he wants On the other hand Ava has the backbone of a spineless chicken so it s no wonder Jesse tramples all over herOh and don t worry Jesse s not an alcoholicExcept that he isAlcoholism or any addiction really is a life long recovery and something a person has to work hard at every day It doesn t just simply go away on its own The narrative would have readers believe that Jesse doesn t need alcohol ignoring the fact that it was made clear on than one occasion that he can t stop once he starts That s a problem one made even apparent when he drinks himself into a comaUnfortunately everyone in this book is in denial1 He s not an alcoholic in the classic sense of the word He s not obsessed with alcohol Ava He drank to lighten his foul mood to fill a gap Once he starts he can t stop 2 I m not a raving alcoholic Ava I admit I get carried away once I do have a drink and I find it hard to stop but I can take it or leave it I was in a bad place after you left me I just wanted to numb the pain 3 I am not a fucking alcoholic If I drink now it will be because you make me crazy mad He shouts the last bit in my face And then of course Ava puts the blame on herself1 I glance at the bottle and notice it s sealed and full but it s still there and something made him put it thereme I m the reason for his screwed up mind his ridiculously ambitious objectives and his meltdowns This is my entire fault I ve made him into a neurotic control freak 2 How can you need me if I make you do this to yourself I ask tiredly You re self destructible now than you were before me I ve made you need alcohol not want it I ve made you into an unreasonable crazy man and I m certainly not stable any Don t you see what we re doing to each other 3 I blank my mind of everything except that the music fades and I brace myself for my own punishment my punishment for reducing Jesse to a fraught mess of a man for making him need alcohol not just want it for turning him into an uptight neurotic freakfor making him do this to himself That last uote was from a scene that made me rage In an idiotic bid to get Jesse see her point of view Ava has some random man at the Manor whip her back raw you know the same way that Jesse had Sarah whip his Why would he go to Sarah with such a reuest you might ask The answer is simple to stop himself from drinking But wait he doesn t have a problem remember Nothing will ever hurt me as much as seeing you doing that to yourself That will kill me nothing else If you punish yourself again then I will too These two idiots deserve each other Truly As if we didn t already know Jesse is secretly trying to knock Ava up against her wishes no less to trap her into staying with him He makes her tell him repeatedly that she won t leave him not that he d ever let her but her word isn t assurance enough for him Because Jesse is an insecure lunatic his solution is to bring a baby into their dysfunctional and extremely unhealthy relationship Brining a baby into an environment like that is outrageous Even after Ava finally puts the pieces together she lets it slide just like everything else I didn t think it was possible but I stand corrected Ava is an even bigger pushover than she was in the last book Arguing with Jesse is a complete waste of time She gives in as soon as he gets his hands on her Jesse is a bully and tramples all over her She knows this and still unbelievably allows it to happen I just can t with her She s a moron Jesse is also guilty of the following none of which are even remotely okay hiding Ava s birth control pills using sex as a weapon to get what he wants and invading and taking control of Ava s personal and professional life This doesn t even begin to cover all the lying and manipulation both in and out of the bedroom Oh and we can add cheating to the list as wellAnd then there s Kate Who needs enemies when you have a friend like her I m sorry but she s a terrible friend She s secretive willing to hide things from her so called best friend on Jesse s behalf information that pertains to Jesse and his private life not because she knows that Jesse is a good guy but because he bought her a new work van to keep her uiet about what she knows about the kind of business he operates I wans t a fan of the writing It was pedestrian and bland The book could also use a good editor Almost all the dialogue tags were punctuated incorrectly with periods at the end of the dialogue where commas should ve been used instead I m of the opinion that if one is going to put their book out on the market for people to buy then it should be properly edited His eyes turn black Don t say things like that Ava When did this turn into a paranormal romance Human eyes do not turn black when one is angry Just sayingSex fighting and sex That s about all this book had to offer We did eventually learn how old Jesse was Not that it mattered because he sure as hell didn t act his age He was prone to acting like an adolescent We also learned some things about his past sexual encounters Drink and sex go hand in hand for me So as you can see alcohol wasn t his only problem As far as any real plot progression went that was the extent of it In between the excessive amount of sex scenes there wasn t much of a story at all

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‘A lingering idea that I just couldn’t ignore’ – Jodi Ellen MalpasJodi Ellen Malpas wrote her debut series The This Man Trilogy in secret worried about what people might think if they knew what her imagination was capable of She was shocked herself But she finally found the courage to unleash her creative streak and self published THIS MAN the first book of the This Man Trilogy in Octobe

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    Warning spoilers aboundApparently I’m a glutton for punishment Me and this booktrilogy are not friends Not at all It's like a train wreck—I don't want to look but can't stop myselfOnly five short days have passed since Ava left Jesse and

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    This book is now live on everyone Full review finally posted com  UK I want the woman with me who keeps my heart beating Wow Just Wow Before you read my review please just open Massive Attack’s Angel in a new window and play it in the background as you read  This song features freuently during the book and is Jesse’s song for

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    I love This Man I kept falling Deeper And Deeper with MY Jesse him of ANGEL fame Vodka Fame and him of begging to Ava to make her believe again should she give him another chanceHe's nothing if not tenaciousThis segment moves on with them getting open about their relationship his manor and her trust and it gets

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    This is what I call INSANE LOVE'I love you because you give me purpose' JesseWords to describe this book DraggedFucked upOver the topToo much sexKept felt like yelling 'CHILL YOUR TITS AVA'Fuck she can give a deaf person a headacheWant to know what happened in this book What mystery was unraveledWell His age we learned about his scar uestion about his past how he got The Manor about his affairs and sordid ex life That about sums out what w

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    ★★★★★ Beneath This Man book 2 of 3 The continuation of the in control yet so out of control Jesse Ward’s intense whirlwind romance with Ava O’Shea “I look up into his green eyes and wisely note th

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    I'm on a Central Jesse Cloud Nine First of all since I haven't been able to put casting photos in my review of This Man I'm gonna do it here soLadies and gentlemen give it up for the one and only The Lord of The Sex Manor JESSE FVCKIN' WARD I didn't think Jesse Ward can be crazy but in Beneath This Man the guy introduced us to a whole new level of CUHRAZY It's bordering DELUSIONALI didn't know how I managed

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    I don't know if there was a deep hidden message in this book you know some kind of deep meaning that I didn't get But if there were I could only come to the conclusion that my brain isn't developed enough to comprehend the value of itLet me tell you what I do know I now know why the author chose the name Beneath this man and it's because this 'story' is about a man walking all over a girl's life self esteem and dignity and rippi

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    15 starsI'm sorryI know the majority liked Beneath This Man the 2nd book in Jodi Ellen Malpas's This ManTrilogybut it just didn't work out for meJesse Ward has become beyond obsessivehis behaviour is weird and crazy and extremeso what if we now know his age and how he received the famous scar and how evil and h

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    I´m not sure about this book yet I´m giving it 4 stars I may change to 5Ava got on my nerves uite a bit but mainly the rating woul

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    I don't know why for the life of me I keep reading these books I must be sick in the head Reading these two books is like exploring the mind

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