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When Mark Kilroy disappeared in Matamoros Mexico his family and friends expected the worst but the worst was horrifying than anyone ever imagined One month later his. Not a terrible read but it s incredibly rudimentary as far as an understanding of the Matamoros slayings go After having read Edward Humes Buried Secrets I was crestfallen upon reading this book It s written like a novel full of lurid details and bits of stories but unfortunately that s just the problem they re stories not backed up by the evidence While Humes provides a notes section to validate the claims he makes throughout the book there is no such thing in Schutze s book he routinely makes claims that are blatantly false or just not supported by the evidence The only source I ve seen him reference only provided the author s name not the title he was citing when I researched the author in uestion Lydia Cabrera it uickly became apparent the information he is citing cannot be validated as it is coming from a source not available in English Schutze is a journalist from Dallas one of the conservative cities in Texas and the I read the book the I notice his bias bleeding through especially as he skews facts and jumps to conclusions without evidence makes me wonder if there s a strong conservative Christian upbringing seeping through thereFor an example of distorted of skewed facts he goes into great detail about Constanzo and his cult being Satanists who were partaking in what he calls a Shango ritual Unfortunately as both Lawrence Wright in Remembering Satan and Humes in Buried Secrets attest it is not appropriate to call this a Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA cult although it is the closest to one that has been investigated or proven Satanism and SRA in particular however implies worship of the Christian devil Constanzo and his cult were followers of an Afro Cuban religion filtered through his childhood in Miami called Palo Mayombe considered in some circles comparable to the dark twin of Santeria Although there are syncretistic relations as slaves were forced to ostensibly convert to Christianity or else face death for being pagans it is incorrect to call it Satanism Humes at one point even cites Constanzo mocking people who refer to them as Satanists pointing out that they are clueless about the true worship of the devil of Palo Mayombe known as kaliempembe Constanzo as far as I am aware was not a follower of Shango but of kaliempembeAnother instance of dishonesty it is true that cult members sacrificed people their organs and blood into cauldrons referred to as nganga However the claim that Schutze makes of cult members ritually eating hearts and other organs as well as drinking blood simply is not attested to in Humes book At one point I believe he even points out that media hype around the case replaced facts with ridiculous claims like this especially when Geraldo and Oprah got in on the media frenzy I want to say he pointed out no evidence of cannibalism in the cult The cult believed a spirit lived in the cauldron which was nourished by blood and other body parts a tiny bit like The Mummy with Brendan Fraser how the mummy consumes peopleThese sorts of details really make me feel that Schutze didn t do adeuate research check his sources for verifiability accepting urban legends and may have even invented stories for the book which really isn t necessary The twisted story of Constanzo and his bloodthirsty cult is repulsive and disturbing enough without needing to invent horror movie like details to make it even lurid and bloody

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Cauldron of Blood The Matamoros Cult Killings

Mutilated corpse was discovered along with the grisly remains of thirteen others in a makeshift grave on a barren stretch of Mexican land called Rancho Santa Elena Al. Not even well written Fascinating facts but the book was so dry and hard to follow I skimmed most of it Not recommended

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L had died at the hands of a charismatic madman and his fanatic followers the brutalized victims in a bizarre religious ritual of torture cannibalismand human sacrifi. very good

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    Schutze wrote an odd book here weaving in and out of biography sociology anthropology and criminology The problem is he doesn't weave very well and a lot of it feels like padding When I read true crime I'm partic

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    Not a terrible read but it's incredibly rudimentary as far as an understanding of the Matamoros slayings go After having read Edwar

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    Treated myself to some true crime books It is getting harder and harder finding good ones that are affordable but I think I managed it againThis was a little expensive but it had some great reviews so I had to get itWell Finished today and it took me long to read because it was kind of a struggle Hindsight is a bitch they say and if I had known it was a bit the same as Gary Provost's book I would not have boug

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    Not even well written Fascinating facts but the book was so dry and hard to follow I skimmed most of it Not recommended

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    Kind of tough to read A lot about voodoo written in a somewhat dry style at the beginning of the bookThe actual story and fact that it is all true made it worth plowing through the beginning of the book The actu

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    An intense in depth read into some very dark religious practices that took me awhile to absorbThe author handles with precision underneath is

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    very good

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    Interesting case but also atrocious and terrible I believe the narrative is bit repetitive and that can be boring after a few chapters

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    there's a really good review of this hereI couldn't really add much to it but it's worth linking to

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    you won't be able to sleep at night