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Ber of security organisations EI have a secret weapon a group of spies who can read minds move objects without touching them and walk through walls tricks worked not by magic but by pairing ordinary people with a computer that gives them access to psionicsAnna Marie Delany knows nothing of all this She's a bored little rich girl who takes on the alias of an actress in the holo industry to spice up her life She has some success and w.

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The time is the 26th century and mankind has just about recovered from the Dark an ecological and political catastrophe that brought humanity to the brink of extinction Life is good now on Earth and the core planets of her trade empire but not so much so on the poorer worlds Earth preserves her dominance by means of covert manipulation and elimination of her enemies that being the remit of Earth Intelligence an amalgamation of a num.

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Ins a lesser award or two before tragedy strikes and she almost dies in an aircar crash As she recovers and regains her memory she finds that the crash wasn't an accident Her attempts to uncover the truth bring her to EI's attention and lead to a meeting with one of their psionic computers but Zenith alpha 4013 is flawed unable to pair with any of the candidates offered by EI It picks Anna as its partner changing both of them foreve.

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    Another of mine first in a long series using these characters five are or less finished and there could be five Anna and Zenni have been in my head for a long time; it's scary letting them out into the world It's just your average love story really except that she's a maimed and scarred actress and he's a computer and it has spies who can use telepathy teleportation and telekinesis a nasty government intelligence agency with no u

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    Oh now what to tell you about 'To Die A Stranger'?Firstly people should be reading this little gem The storyline the charac

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    Brilliant I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book; it is well written and a real page turner fast paced and exciting The concept of the mind pairing of a human with a computer put me in mind of Anne McAffrey's The Ship Who Sang which I read m