[Jeremy Strong] Batpants and the Vanishing Elephant [time travel Book] eBook – PDF, TXT & Kindle eBook free

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Lephant napped for a ransom of TWO MILLION poundsWho can save twinkle toes Fudge Never fear Batpants is on the trailHoo hooo hooooo ha ha ha ha

review Batpants and the Vanishing Elephant

Batpants and the Vanishing Elephant

Ant named Fudge has come to live with them he can be a friend for their pet orang utan Batpants But then Fudge mysteriously vanishes he's been e

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FANTASTI BUBBLY CRUMBOWhen the Lovehart family receive a MEGA MASSIVE delivery there's only one thing it can be An elephant of courseA gentle gi

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    My 9 year old son thoroughly enjoyed this book he was laughing away while reading this on to the next Jermey Strong book for him

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