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Easy for Rachel to feel sympathy for this obstinate though at times endearingly vulnerable man Until that was she remembered who he was and just why she had taken the job to get close to h.


Rachel and the Tough Guy

Inded woman would actually take this surly ill tempered man on Only Rachel Stuart it seemed who had been hired by his exasperated family as a baby sitter to look out for himIt was all too.

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Bad bossy and all hersNicholas Bonelli had bad boy sex appeal written all over him Not that in his battered condition broken arm shattered leg he was looking for female companyWhat right m.

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    It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any alpha male be he severely incapacitated or mildly injured must be in want of a prim no nonsense nurse And this is what we get in a book The hero Nick was a bear of patient so the ladies of his family off loaded him to a schoolmarm trained with dealing with recalcitrant obn

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